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Increasing Milk Supply

To increase the milk supply, increase the number of times you offer the breast and for long time.. Have kanga time - baby and mom skin to skin at least 2-3 times a day... this stimulates milk production.

-- Fennel tea (Steep 1 tsp in 2 cups water and wait till the water reduces..filter it and drink)
- Vendayam (fenugreek) soaked in buttermilk
- Fenugreek capsules OR fengreek tea (like above fennel tea) - Start with 3 capsules a day and increase upto 8.
- Blessed thistle

Commercial teas available
- Mother's milk tea, available at wholefoods - drink a strong brew of thiss tuff and pump 3 hrs later.
- Oasis ProLactation Tea
- Take More Milk Plus tea along with alfalfa capsules

You wont have immediate effect with these teas. But after 3-4 days, you'll see a big difference.

- Whole grain Oatmeal. Believe it or not, this is just AWESOME to increase milk supply. I'll attach a tried and tested oatmeal recipe for increased milk production.

- Garlic.. just saute about 10-15 garlic pods with onions, a few tomatoes and eat this with rice and ghee. Or eat Poondu kulambu in tamarind based sauce. This stuff is pure


- lots of milk/yogurt

- Apples, milk and orange juice combination worked well for me. Drink orange juice, wait for 15 mins ..Eat an apple, wait for 15 mins, drink milk... and after 15-30 mins, feed

the baby or pump.

- eat lots of beans - contrary to popular belief, beans dont cause's under-cooking them that causes it. Soak beans for 8 hrs or overnight and throw away this

water that the beans was soaked in. Sprouting the beans is even better. Cook them till soft..and always add ginger/garlic paste and lots of onions and tomatoes and cummin

seeds...add any other spice that you like. dont use much chilli powder. Avoid Rajma for first 3 months. IF you are a vegetarian, your source of protein is very less and protein

is very important for milk production.

- leafy vegetables(esp green spinach), bitt

leafy vegetables(esp green spinach), bitter gourd, surakkai, manathakkali vatral - all helps.

-Eggs, dates help.

- Use hospital grade double pump.. you can rent it from the hospitals. These pumps are amazing when compared to the ones available for home use. Many of my friends

who have had prblems pumping or breastfeeding, have had good results with hospital grade pumps. When you pump, pump for atleast 10 mins..dont stop after the first 4-5

mins.. Also, use proper sized breast shields when you pump.

- Rest, rest, rest - as much as you can. Sleep whenever you can. The housework can always wait. A rested mom produces more milk than a stresses mom. Take help

when it is offered. Ask help. The baby needs you now. Your body needs you now. Everything else can wait. Listen to soothing music when you breastfeed or even


Nonveg options
- Fish, fish, fish!!! salmon, mackerel, dried fish, mutton, chicken, livers are all good..

Nurse often during the night. Prolactin is the milk-making hormone. Maternal prolactin levels peak between 1 and 5 A.M., while you are asleep. Take advantage of these high

prolactin levels by nursing more frequently at night to help stimulate your milk supply. Prolactin also rises after you take a short nap during the day.

The best ways to build supply- naturally- is to nurse- get into bed , skin to skin with baby and stay there for several days just nursing and nursing- drinking lots of water and

eating healthy foods (preferably with some one else there to fetch the water and healthy foods!!!)

If you have started getting your periods, then take a good calcium+magnesium supplement.

Pump after you feed the baby and empty the breasts as much as you can. It works like this.. the more you empty your breasts, the more the milk is produced..
Like a well?? the more you draw water from a well, the more water seeps in and fills it up.. similar principle here.

Let the baby nurse every hour.. even if nothing comes out, let her suckle.. after giving the breast every hour...for 3-4 days.. then you'll notice a difference in your milk
production. If your baby does not nurse, pump every 2 hours during the day and at least once at night. It is all supply and demand.
Alfalfa is one of the more commonly used galactagogues. Can be taken in combination with blessed thistle, marshmallow, and fenugreek.
- avoid red chilli powder or green chillies - use black pepper and cummin seeds for a while.
- avoid using a lot of coconut
- dont eat sweets/store bought snacks/ processed food etc.
- Avoid peppermint, star anise [some garam masalas have this - star anise reduces milk supply!] and sage
Cosleep...let the baby sleep near you.
Dani's Oatmeal recipe to boost milk supply.
Oatmeal increase milk supply but this recipe is even better to boost your supply.
1/4 cup of Red river cereal
1/2 cup of rolled oats (I use the 3 minute quick variety)
2-3 cups of water
2 tbs ground flax
2 tbs wheat germ
1/4 cup of sunflower seeds or nuts
2 tbs of sesame seeds
1/2 an apple diced
cinnamon to taste (i use about 1/2 tsp)
-put about 2 1/2 cups of water in a pot, and the red river cereal and everything except the oats,
-bring to a boil and turn down to simmer covered- stir occasionally- for about 4-5 minutes
-add oats and stir- watch the water level- if it gets too thick, add more water, 1/4 cup at a time. simmer for 3 more minutes and then serve!
I add honey to ours or maple syrup. and of course milk.

Check the link

FLUIDS. Idi capitallo icha endhukantey everyone stressed that I shd take enough fluids. Plz dont think if we drink milk, we'll produce milk. Itz a wrong notion. Fluids produce milk. Infact some children are lactose intolerant so if the mother drinks too much milk, the baby will have too much gas!
Methi leaves
Milk and bread
Poppy seeds halwa

All of a sudden my milk production went down and thus I started asking all and sundry abt foods which aid milk supply.Idi naa list.
FLUIDS. Idi capitallo icha endhukantey everyone stressed that I shd take enough fluids. Plz don’t think if we drink milk, we’ll produce milk. Itz a wrong notion. Fluids produce milk. Infact some children are lactose intolerant so if the mother drinks too much milk, the baby will have too much gas!
Methi leaves
Milk and bread
Poppy seeds halwa

Fenugreek seeds vi tablets dorukutayi over the counter it increases milk production very much.
all new moms...

milk increase avvataniki GALACT ani oka powder undi, adi milk lo kalipi morning evening tagali.... elaichi flavour untundi two spoons per 200 ml milk... twice a day... ala meeku milk tagginappatnundi regular ga tagite enni rojulu tagite anni rojulu vastune untayi...

donno abt US but, india lo anni medical shops lo idi dorukutundi... milk production icrease chestundi...

naku sixth month appudu milk taggayi... rendu pregnancies lo baby ki one yr vachevaraku adi vadanu.... no side effects at all... also i didnt use a breast pump... i made sure baby emptied the breast before changing to the other one... mother will get adequate milk if you are eating a balanced diet, including all greens, vegetables, yogurt and sufficient fluids...

GALACT try chesi chudandi.. it works and recent ga oka TIAn, kuda vadi chusi bavundani chepparu.... meeru try cheyyandi....


  1. Awesome compliation Sree....I know how much work you have put into this :) Really appreciate it!

  2. chala baga chepparandi ee post badluck i missed this post i am on the verge of weaning...ippati ninchi i will be a regular readerof this blog!

  3. This is a fantastic post Sree. Helps a lot to new mums. Though our grandmoms do not give reason to the traditional post partum diet but it has lots of meaning attached! Like leafy greens helps you to restore iron, having more fluids(warm) not only helps you to loose weight but also helps in milk production etc. Dates and Almonds are packed with loads of nutrition. Resting your spine not only helps you to recover but also keeps you stress free which helps to produces more hormones :)

  4. hi sree,nice blog,enni days ee blog chudaledhu ippudu chustunanu,naku one and half month baby unnadu,milk production one week nunchi taggite,galact use chesanu challa baga use ayyindhi galact...adhii baby ki mother feed chese varaku tagacha? any side effects for that? ippudu p months varaku feed cheste ,appati varaku galact continue cheyachu kada pbm em undada? thnx in advance

  5. Hi,
    I have a doubt, hope u respond to this.
    Can we soak Fenugreek powder in water and then consume it in the morning? (fenugreek dry roasted and powdered)

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  7. Nice tips which is helpful to increase the breast milk supply with the natural things, Really innovative.. Thanks

  8. Just stumbled upon your lovely, well composed blog on my way to look for resources to relactating. It's a few months since I BF my little one but I've started lactating again after being dry. I see all the things I did wrong immediately after giving birth- over working, stressing, inadequate sleep, wrong food etc etc. thank you so much for your list, wish I'd found it earlier.

  9. Hi,

    Thankyou very much for ur post..I have 1 year old baby..He is not having cow's I have decided to give my milk only..I am also working..So all the time in the morning he is having only solid food and not having milk even once. So can I use Galact powder ?Can it increase the milk production now also?