Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids and TV/Laptop

Yet another excerpt from the previous discussion is on the screen time and Laptop/ipad/computer - Internet time..

Kids as they grow older, they get to know new things from friends and TV ofcourse good/bad what ever . The curiosity which they have since childhood regarding many things remains the same... They want to know what is it...
 1) kids should never be allowed to use laptops or desktops in their rooms. They should be in the living rooms right from the beginning.
 2) there are many softwares in the market to block those sites and also help with the keyword search.
3) if they are on computers please keep communicating with them all the time making sure they are not diverting and if possible help them by being with them like if they are playing any games be with them encourage them or play with them etc.. If they are studying try to involve yourself with them leaving behind all your work.

Courtesy:  Sailaja C.

Teens and Pre-Teens Concerns

This is the excerpt of a discussion pre-teen and teen behavior and I love what this buddy had to say and agree totally with it.

Here it goes..

The bond what we make with our kids during baby time, toddler age , early school age is different......... if we think we had made an awesome bond and it will work for the whole life , we are fooling ourselves.

Pre teen is one more stage where a parent has to establish a new bond with the kid. I personally feel this is a very important stage for a parent and kid relationship.  We cannot ignore that at this time the uniqueness of that individual also starts forming ... kids start their own thinking patterns forming their own opinions...parent have to find a way where their and kids thoughts meet or if not meet then disagreeing peacefully ... at this a GAP may appear in terms of thoughts.........if care is not taken the GAP widens and the kids start drifting away mentally.

At this time a parent has to again make a palce in their lives... Talk talk talk with the kid as much as possible... and pls dont talk as if u r doing a job , a parent shd enjoy tlaking with the kid.. then only they open up..when we give them trust, we get it back too.

Sex is a very important issue...... we cannot simply say '' adi paapam, adi cheeykoodadu ''.. I have always shown sex as a natural thing to my kid.... we talk openely abt sex...he is free to ask me any Questions on the topic... being a parent we hv to give them proper answers which are close to reality and at the same time appropriate for their age.  At 11 there is nothing which they shldn't know honestly.. my son knows everything .... more than sex its the emotional changes which a parent shld not ignore...they experience the first feeling of love... if ur child comes to u and tlak abt his/ her interest then as a parent, you can pat ur back and think that u hv passed a small test in wining a small amount of trust.

Courtesy:  Sunita M.