Friday, March 29, 2013

Normal Pregnancy Diet - 2000 Calories

2000-calorie diet plan

Just after waking up
4 biscuits or a banana.

Breakfast -- 3 idlis with sambar/2 dosas with sambar/1 boiled egg with 2 slices of whole wheat bread/1 bowl poha/1 bowl upma.

1 hour gap -- Milk with 8 to 10 soaked almonds (de skinned)

1.2/1 hour gap -- 1 fruit (restrict papaya, pineapple) or a glass of fresh squeezed juice.
-- 1 bowl salad
1 bowl rice/2 chapatis with 1/2 bowl rice
1 katori dal/sambar/2 pcs of chicken
2 katori veg
1 katori curd

mid meal snack - mix nuts of all types in a bowl, non-roasted badam/pista/walnut/dates/kismis etc.. 5 of each.. or anything you like to eat like carrot/apple/fruit pieces..

Evening Snack -- palak soup/mix veg soup (home made).

1/1.5 hours -- 4 multigrain biscuits/whole wheat biscuits/sprouted moong/anything with besan in it

1 hour later -- fruit..

Dinner -- same as lunch...

Bedtime -- 1 glass milk with honey..

Keep drinking lots of water or fresh fruit juices without adding sugar.  Small quantities at smaller intervals is the key.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pregnancy Diet - Gestational Diabetes Sample

Sample Diet by a buddy during pregnancy

I see a lot of pregnant ladies checking the blog for the kid.  While it is very important to take care of the tiny entry into the world, it is all the more important to take care of yourself too... so a few tips from good friends.

Gestational Diabetes is common in most of the pregnant ladies these days. But diet differs from person to person.

Morning - BF- 15 gms carbs and 1oz protein 1 whole wheat bread slice with protein either 1 egg white or 1/2 slice of skim cheese/ or 2-3 pieces of paneer or 2 spoons of dal or 1.5tbsp of peanut butter.

Mid-Morn Snack- 30 gms carbs and 1 oz protein 1/4 cup of milk or 1/4 apple or any other fruit with protein or 3 almonds

Lunch- 45 gms of carbs with 2 oz protein.   Rice, oats, raagi jaava, cracked wheat , pulka ilantivi evi naaku help cheyaledu.. Basic rice aithe 4 tbsp'ns of cooked rice with 2 pieces of chiken or paneer or 1/4 cup dal ala thinamani chepparu.. but Pita Bread baaga help chesedi because 1 pita bread lo it has only 8grams of carbs nenu 1 and half pita bread with some chick or dal +vegie.

Mid afternoon snack- Same as mid morning snack

Dinner- Same as Lunch.

Mid Night Snack - 11:30. But 10gms carbs only and protein. So 2 pieces chiken wings thinedani and 1 slice of honey dew or apple.

Urad Dal toti chesina gaarelu or better still aaviri kudumu, made like idly.

You can try alterations of normal rice with basmati rice or rice cooked with a cinnamon stick.

Courtesy:  Sravz

Another sample diet

Morning levagaane 5 soaked almonds and one cup of milk without any sugar (diabetic doctor protein mix edo icchaaru milk lo add cheyataaki).

Breakfast - 2 idly/dosa/puri/bonda or 1 cup broken wheat upma, 11 ki 1 glass of raagi java with buttermilk.

Lunch - rice cooker cup nindaa cooked brown rice with one leafy veg curry and dal/chicken with 1 bowl of curd.

Snack - milk with marie bisc and inko one hr ayaaka any juice (carrot/beetroot/sorakaya with pepper/tomato with pepper).

Dinner - 2 pulkas with curry.

Bedtime one glass of buttermilk.

Courtesy: Keerthi