Monday, June 24, 2013

India Shopping for New Moms and Babies

some things moms would like to get from back home with parents visiting for delivery

Black molathadu
Silver items
Baby hair oil
 Bed lo veyataniki silver krishnudu
 Feeding Nighties
 New born traditional Wear
 Gripe Water
 Hinge/Pala Inguva
Saadhu bottu (homemade bottu made by some elders)
dishti poosalu
home made kaatuka (again only few elders remember making it)
Saana (gandham or karakkaaya) aragateeyataaniki

will keep adding as and when something comes up.. and also please feel free to add it up, 'cos it would help others...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Egg and Yellow

Getting us to eat egg yellow must have the toughest task our parents had, well maybe one of the toughest.  Realize this 'cos my little one is like that.. she does not like the yellow sticking on to the tongue and hence the white is over and yellow is left to be eaten for 1 hr. if left unattended or maybe even mostly untouched...

Omlette, scrambled egg is an option but when one of my cooks cousins did this... I just loveddddddd it!!

Boil some water in a bowl, after about 3 minutes break the egg empty the contents being careful not to put in any shells, slightly stir with a spoon and let it boil for 3 to 5 minutes... white and non-sticky yellow are ready... ting tong!  no more messy egg times!