Friday, January 9, 2015

Bhogi Pallu

With Sankranthi round the corner and me in an updating mode, here goes the post

Items Required
Regi Pallu (berries, preferably cranberries if not in India)

Mix them all together in a bowl before hand and keep it ready.

Seat the kid in a comfortable position and take a handful of stuff from the mixed bowl and rotate as if you are taking dishti and bless the kid.

Invite the people over and let them do the same.

Uyyaala Paatalu

The other day we were looking for the cradle ceremony of a friend's kid and turned up blank as none of us really knew what goes and finally decided to go for "alara chanchalamaina" keertana..

For future reference..

Alara chanchalamaina aatmanandundani yalavaatu chesenee uyyaala..

Jo Achyutaananda Jojo mukundaa..

Ksheerabdi kanyakaku

are just a few... please feel free to add if you get to know more.

In general, the mangala Harathi for any occasion

The Big Scare - Allergies

Like I mentioned, I am so much out of touch with babies, raising babies that the image of going back to the diaper days seems like a nightmare :).

While that is the least of the concerns, when I see my friends battling with kids and their allergies it is heart-wrenching to see the kids suffer and being so helpless as a parent, not being able to do anything to alleviate that itch, pain :(

there is this wonderful video on Allergies in Ted Talks, felt it worthwhile to share

Happy New Year

I know my blog baby is being neglected as my baby is getting older... but I have become lazy overall to update any of my blogs...

I have realized it has been a year since I posted anything in this blog, yet it is used by people and I keep getting tiny thank you messages out of the blue when some parents finds something useful, it has been more than fulfilling :).

Happy Parenting!!! and a Happy New Year.