Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indoor Play Ideas for Kids - 2

Pillalni manam chese panulloo entha involve chesthee antha happy feel avuthaaru ani anipisthundhi naaku coz i saw this with both my kids P and A,

Roti / chapathi dough chesthuntee extra pindi kalipi isthee play doh laagaa aadukuntaaru... and play doh aithee dry ayyi chinna chinna pieces laagaa raalipoothundhi adhee goduma pindi aithee vallaki mana pani loo involve chesaamu ani anna feeling and clean up easy :)

doodle board is one mess free playing device... pen thoo akkada ikkada raasthaaru ani bhayam vesthundhi but doodle board aithee clean up emi undadhu and hours of fun.... shapes draw cheyyi, animals draw cheyyi ilaa edhooti cheppi draw cheyyinchachhu...

magnetic letters.... kitchen loo fridge ki pettestheee manam vanta chesukunetappudu they can play with those... 2 sets teesukuntee we can teach them small spellings...

tub time.... warm water fill chesi(to avoid catching up cold) tub loo chinna glasses or bowls istheee (with instructions that they should not spill water out) entha aadathaaroo water thooo... tub time toys unte inka cheppakkarledhu bayataki rammanna raaru :)

youtube looo bollani videos untaayi.... naaku calls avi emanna unappudu I start a video and ask him to see... oka video play avunthuntee pakkana related videos list vasthundhi kadhaaa andhuloo i ask him to click on the next one once this is done... i have been doing this since he is 2 and 1/2 years old... laptop manchigaa handle chesthee next time laptop activity time untundhi else undadhu ani cheppi 2 - 3 times cheppamu so he handles it well.... online kids educational  /games sites untaayi... limited time with adult monitoring aadinchachhu appudappudu...  For m yson ki aithee recent gaa oka month back his dad installed windows 8 with a child login account / id... so if he is using the laptop he has to login with his id and open IE and all.... we thought him step by step instructions... so now he knows how to start the lappy, login and browse.... youtube avi thanee pettukuntaadu... weekly naaku mail vasthundhi about his online activity...

Paper work, drawing/sketching/painting/writing  Generally we stock up lot of papers at home... office loo one side printed and left at printer type papers anamaata... so that we are not wasting fresh ones... Pravar likes to draw and color like anything (Sree can tell about this :P) so we ask him to use those... crayons, color pencils are for only paper ani clear gaa cheppamu...

inka kids ki emi istamooo daanini batti we can buy stuff for them... kitchen set, animals set, tools set, blocks ilaaa.... even puzzles loo bollu varieties dorukuthaayi... board puzzles, peg puzzles, jigsaw puzzles... even dollar shop loo koodaa dorukuntaayi... they are nice way to develop creativity in kids....

smart phone applications unte we can install apps for them and let them play... i nstall mostly educational cum entertaining apps so that he will learn something playing... chaduvu stressful gaa undadhu ilaa chesthee ani naa feeling... but any electronic device has to be given on time basis... just for 10 - 15 mins a day antheee...

story books looneee early readers, first books alaa untaayi ekkuva bommalu takkuva text thoo... these will help them get intrested in reading... india loo cross word is one awesome place for books... US loo cheppakkarledhu there are many stores... library loo koodaa bollu books dorukuthaayi kadhaaa....

going for walks together is refreshing for them as well as us... manam emi chesthunna vallaki details cheppi chesthee they will understand the process and they know the value of the work we are doing... like vanta chesetappudu veggies cut chesthunaamu, taalimpu vesthunaamu alaa annee chepthee they will feel happy that we are involving them in the process... :).

Courtesy:  Poornima

Indoor Play Ideas for Kids - 1

My both kids r 7 yrs apart ... so it'S a complete different thing to keep them busy together........but till now I never had any problem in this issue.

Right from beginning, I always take time to play with them, but I encourage them to keep themselves busy on their own and with each other too.

Our activities depend on weather and schedule of the day...

Reading stories
Watching books ( this we always do together )
Building blocks ( Lego, Wooden blocks ..they enjoy more when I too do with them)
Sports at home ( jumping from sofa, judo, running - catching, lifting, Kissie attack , pillow fight 
Household work ( I keep it strictly playful )
Organising their rooms ( part of time with mumma, we work and talk together )
Watching a movie together 
Baking or cooking 
Doing small experiments 
I let them give me ideas in my works 
Watching albums together and mentioning incidents related to it
Talking abt their and our childhood ( thsi we do very often )
making preparations for festivals

I don't play with my kids to ' entertain them ' or to ''keep them busy''....I enjoy playing with them.......... It'S like taking break form my own work......... so there is no specific time.. My kids enjoy doing ' anything' with me ... so till now it was never a 'issue to tackle' for me.

In the process of leading a social life of a grown up individual, we forget the child in us................every one of us has a child within.

Just wake up the child in u... and u will enjoy it... 

But I know it's not so easy as said, my husband too feels bored to play with kids..............he normally exchanges ....he happily does household chores and lets me play with kids...

But I will say try it... it'S all about changing ur own thinking. 

Courtesy:  Sunitha

Some facts about motherhood to new mommy to be....


sharing my experiences...just so that first time mommies will be prepared with what to expect :)....

1. As soon as the baby is born, .the whole focus will be on the 9 months of pampering from your family members will vanish ....and sometimes this becomes the cause of post partum depression...actually there is nothing that you can do about it..but just prepare yourself for this... :)

2. Lack of sleep ....just forget getting sleep for straight 4-6hrs for atleast next 6 will have to sleep in installments ...just get used to it...until if you are lucky enough to have a baby who loves sleeping

3. your house will be in mess...dont worry too much about it...this is part and parcel of will have to learn to overlook few things for atleast first few months and once you are active enough to bring back your home into shape

4. Like your house..your body will also go through lot of change...again you should be prepared for this....give yourself atleast 6 months to think about exercising or healthy dieting....till then just focus on your baby..

5. Breast Feeding - most of us opt for breast feeding and this is the best thing that we can give for our the past TIAns have given very good tips to increase breast milk ...try to follow them...other than all that...remember for need to have lot of patience....just as BFing is new for you, for your child too its new thing to latch takest atleast 4-6 weeks for baby to learn proper latching and once baby learns latching, your milk flow will grow too....dont be overwhelmed in the beginning takes time..give your best for atleast first 2 months ...even after 2 months you feel your milk is not enough then switch to formula...and REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DEPRESSED IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BF YOUR BABY ...remember you have done your best....and never be ashamed that you are not able BF your no two human beings are same..this too is natural tendency for which you cant do anything...

6. dont buy too much of NB(new born) size clothes and diapers... they outgrow that size really fast...and there are times when we end up using some clothes just once or not even once (I had that problem where loads and loads of NB, 1-3 months were just given away before she wore them, Sreya was a summer baby and clothes I got from US did not go on well with her, so my personal advice is NB clothes should be born according to season in the place where one lives and based on kid's needs -- sree) ....same goes with NB size buy limited stuff in each size...they really outgrow very fast

7. Absentmindedness.... for new mothers ...bcos at a time 10 things go around in our brain due to which we easily loose focus and keep forgetting things...also lack of sleep adds up to our already heated again try to organize stuff by writing up things...for example what to keep in diaper bag whenever you go out..make a list of that and ask your hubby to check can divide your work...

8. for first 1-2 months its better you hubby sleeps separately in another room..this i am telling with experience....bcos one of you need good sleep so that he can help you during the day...if both parents lack sleep then both will be irritable...if you have your parents for the same with them...let your mother sleep in another room so that she can give enough time for your baby during day time and you can get some sleep during day....

9. if your hubby doesnt know cooking..this is the time he should start learning how to cook :) ....teach him cooking some easy meals while you are preggie...thats going to be really helpful for you....

10. never compare your baby with another baby of same age...specially milestones....every kid learns in his or her own pace...have patience...

11. keep camera/handycam handy to capture your baby's moments....nowadays with mobiles it has bcome lot more easy to capture pics...enni tensions unna never forget to take pics......these moments will never come back again...

Courtesy:  Swathi T.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping/Getting Ready For Newborn

For Baby

Car seat (try to buy the carseat which has weight limit upto 20lb...later you can buy the new one once the baby outgrows)

Stroller (either full travel system or just car seat with snap and go stroller to which you can attach car seat)

Bassinet/crib (bassinet is useful only upto baby is 15lbs...crib is for longer use)

Swing (very very helpful  to make the baby sleep)

Bouncer (very helpful)

Boppy Pillow (cheapest deal in walmart...helpful during first 3 months if you plan to breastfeed)

Diaper Pail 

Bath tub for baby (if your mom or you can do it on the lap then no need i guess)

Neck headrest (useful during first 2-3 months)

aveeno shampoo and baby wash - unscented (most recommended) or whatever brand of your choice.

almond oil / olive oil for baby massage

Baby wipes - wet wipes, unscented

Newborn Diapers one set (buy a smaller packet like 100ct. as some babies outgrow the size very fast)

Baby grooming set ( i bought nail clippers and hair brush thats all..not the whole kit)

Baby thick blanket

Baby receiving blankets (2-3)

Baby hooded towel (3 is enough)

Diaper rash cream - decitin

Onesies (8-10)

Full size body suits ( 8-10 if winter baby)

Caps (5-6)

Mittens (5-6 pairs)

Socks (5-6 pairs)

Rubber pad for diaper change ( i got it from india)

Small wash clothes like kerchiefs 5-6 (useful for while kids burp to clean their mouth)

small boots for baby (2-3 pairs)

Baby bottles (if breastfeeding ..just for emergency you can buy 1-2 )

Bottle warmer & drying rack (better buy from walmart so that if u r not using bottles you can return it)

Johnsons Baby Powder (first i didnt use it fearing allergies..but later when i started using it my baby loved it..she used to feel fresh and touchwood she didnt had any issue with it)

Hand Sanitizers 

For Moms

Feeding Bras

Nipple cream - lanolin

Breast pads - disposable

Diaper bag 

Feeding maxi/nighties

Adding to above list :- (very useful for cleaning tongue and gums).

Initially the baby's mouth would be sooooo small but after a month of so, getting this cleanser into the mouth would be easy.

Courtesy:  Swathi

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sex Education for Kids - When and How

Was reading a book Ashtavakra by Yandamoori and came across this written piece and wanted to share with you guys..

There are too many myths/objections/suggestions as to sex education in India or maybe else where too... strangely in a nation where speaking about sex in public is considered grossly offensive/derogatory majority are sexual crimes and the population shoots sky high!! 

More than anything, it is curiosity that leads to queries about opposite gender.. it can happen as early as a toddler when they get to learn, understand and ask about everything and anything.. how do we answer, where do we begin is the biggest query a parent of today's might face and found a lovely input which I would replicate.

The way of inquisitiveness swamps the child at the age of 9 to 13.  He wants to know how things are made, stars, watches, babies, etc.  There are two questions linked up together - when to tell and what to tell? 

When a little girl for the first time sees the organ of her younger brother, it is very natural that she should ask what little strange thing is. But this is by no means a sexual question but rather a scientific question.  What to tell and where to stop depends on the age of the child.

- Oswald Schwarz on Sex Education

My views
Like this put in simple words here.. like that is an innocent question here as to what it is, we need not really get into a biology lecture to the kid but just explain them to the point, tell them without making any fuss about it and tell them it is their private part and that a boy/girl or a man/woman are made differently and it is their private part.  This conversations most likely happen in a bathroom setting when the kid is getting bathed or when they see the siblings or other kids of opposite gender, do not rush it up, hush it up.. answer it as coolly as possible and leave it at that.

Also I liked a quote by E.F. Griffith

As far as sex education goes, i see two main difficulties.  first, sexuality is more than pure biology and less than pure spirituality, but a unique combination of both ethics and aesthetics.  Religion must come under consideration and sex education must fit sex into the whole pattern of our life.  Can this be done?  How and by whom?

My views
I guess first as a parent we need to get rid of our own inhibitions talking or thinking about it and then proceed to tell the kid than to impact him/her knowingly or unknowingly.  Like say if we look back into our own lives and think for a while as to when our inquisitiveness began, how it was satisfied, when and how we got to know, it might in a way help understand our own kid's feelings towards things in general.  It is primarily the curiosity about the unknown and if it is answered properly, they would not really venture into other means of getting to know, which might not always be right, the influences there might be at that point, the barrier that we might create unknowingly about asking such questions would lead them to go ask others/friends/peers who are equally unaware or mis-informed on un-necessarily informed.  So, I personally think that a very open relationship, the trust to turn to the parents for anything and the feeling that they would not be ridiculed, scolded, hushed up should be built.

For a wholesome personality development, it is essentially that we provide answers or provide means to get answers by themselves when to do what is the key.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some tips for lactation

There have been quite a few personal requests for translation of a Telugu post on lactation tips by Swapna, I have been a bit busy.. err.. let me honest, lazy to do so but on a simple request my buddies pitched in to help... both of them did it at the same time more or less, so just leaving them both in.....


1) Have millet (bajri) flour porridge.  have two glsses of warm water first thing in the morning. then take 1 tbsp of bajri flour and roast it 
   in ghee. add 1/2 cup of milk and let it cook. add sugar to taste and have it. this will help in increasing the supply.

2) have walnuts for snack. It'll help in baby's brain development.

3) take two glasses of water and have gondh laddoo ( and a glass milk. this will really help in boosting the supply.

4) Use fenugreek seeds/ Fenugreek leaves in cooking. soak some seeds in water overnight and take it in the morning. or you can take powder too.

5) Use lots of garlic in food.

6) have dry ginger powder with ghee in first bite of rice.

7) have barley water (cook barley in water till soft. filter and drink that water). you can start this when you are pregnant.

8) have bread/rusk with milk. have atleast two slices twice a day.

9) have a glass of warm water 10 mins before feeding or sip while feeding. this will help with letdown.

10) have curries made of tindora (ivy gourd), lauki (bottle gourd), fenugreek leaves, spinach, ridge gourd, snake gourd, carrots, asparagus.

11) use lot of urad dal (black gram) in seasonings.

12) have oats and almonds mixed in cereal once a day

13) you can also have oats with milk

14) try skin to skin with baby (kangaroo care). will help in increasing the supply.

15) think about baby all the time. keep a positive feeling that you can feed the baby.

16) place few cloves of garlic in fresh cooked rice. eat after 10 mins

If the baby stops latching all of a sudden check for these

1) eggs in your diet in any form

2) any new perfumes/deo

3) onions in diet  


1)Drink 2 glasses of luke warm water as soon as u wake up in the morning..Then have Bajri Powder Kheer:Mix 1 tbs of Bajra powder and roast it in ghee till 

the raw flavor is gone the stir in 1/2 cup of warm mix and cook it reaches the Kheer consistency and have it...Sometimes the milk supply increases so much in 

that case try not to eat the Bajra kheer for 2-3 days n then start having it.

2)Walnuts Increase the baby's memory power so have them as a snack when u feel hungry.

3)eat 1 Gondh Ladoo and drink a glass of milk..drink 2 glasses of water before eating this laddoo

4)Both fenugreek seeds n fenugreek leaves help in milk production..If u dont have time to soak the fenugreek seeds,jst take the seeds directly and drink 

water,jst like how u take a tablet.

5)Use garlic as in cooking much as u can.

6)Mix some dry ginger pwoder and ghee in the 1st spoon of rice u eat.

7)Barley Water

8)Bread n Rusk,preferably bread with a glass of milk gives gud result..have atleast 2 slices of bread twice a day along with milk

9)Have a glass full of water atleast 10 mins before u start feeding the baby,if u dont have time just keep sipping the water while feeding the baby this 

helps in improving the milk supply

10)Use Tindora,lauki,fnugreek leaves,spinach,lady finger,turai(chinees okra) a lot in ur diet

11)Add lots of urad when u make tempering for the curries/dal

12)Make sure u have oats and almond mixed cereal atleast once a day

13)Combination of oats n milk together gives gud result..try this if u can

14)Hug ur baby often as that bonding helps in improving the supply

15)While feeding the baby think abt his/her future n how r u going to raise ur kid n all such thoughts also improves the supply

16)Chop garlic into small pieces n put on the steaming hot rice and cover it with a lid for 10 mins,wait n then eat them together.


A special mention of thanks to a sweet buddy H for pitching in instantly in translating and also lovely Kavya for pitching in in spite of a heavy schedule and an infant to handle... love you ladies!!!

Love you girls!! you are rocking super moms....!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Schooling in India - A few more personal considerations

I do agree that education should not be stressful to kids... whatever they learn should go into their mind happily without pressure is what I feel... I try new ways to make things interesting for the kid and when he gets bored of one way I invent something new and keep his interest intact... 

Coming to SSC, CBSE and ICSE.

SSC is what I went to.... only studies and no play.... LKG to 10th, studies, studies... exams exams exams.

CBSE... central board.. mix of studies and some activities.... compared to SSC higher classes there is less syllabus.  Child should complete 3.5 years to get admitted into PP 1 in CBSE.....

ICSE... Interenational schools follow this... and its more of Montessori system is what I feel... teaching thru activities and all.... Indian mind set ki, competitive world ki I wasnt sure how kids will take it once they have to join the main stream after their 10th or +2.... also ekkuva emphasis will be on social and science ani vinnanu.... SSC, CBSE maths thoo compare chesthee ICSE is far back... I saw this practically when I was in inter... my ICSE classmates used to come to me for help with their mathematics.... 

konni international schools in hyd are coming up with IGBSE or something like that... entoo they are making their own curriculam mixing ICSE and CBSE for primary classes anta.... and kids / parents can choose which one to take up once they come to 7th class..... idhi koncham over anipinchindhi naaku..... 

Final gaa we have choosen CBSE for the kid..

- Poornima (Hyderabad)

Nenu koodaa SSC lone chadivaanu.. chaduvu thappa maro dhyaasa vundadu akkada..Playclass pillalatho alphabets raayisthaaru..adi koodaa English n telugu lo...chaalaa stress vuntundi..So I ruled it out

Ika Nellorelo naaku migilina options CBSE and XSEED.

XSEED ante syllabus SSC/CBSE/ICSE ki alignedgaa vuntundita..but they emphasize more on activity based learning..Montessori system lo laagaa annamaata..deeni gurinchi poorthi info ee link lo vundi

Naaku thelsina parents chaalaa mandini adigithe ee syllabus gurinchi positive feedback icchaaru..but still nenu decide chesukolekapothunnaanu between CBSE/XSEED

Memu pandu gaadini join chesina school lo Playclass, LKG and UKG matrame vundi..and akkadanthaa activity based learning ane concept ye follow avuthaaru..Playclass 1 yr lo vaalla syllabus identifying alphabets (large and small case), numbers (1 to 10) and 4 or 5 colors and shapes + Rhymes...Ivannee koodaa they learn thru visuals, games and other activities...writing emee vundadu..Ikkada playclass lo vaadi performance choosi vaadiki comfortablegaa vundi maaku nacchithe LKG and UKG koodaa ikkade continue chesi 1st class ki CBSE/XSEED vunna school lo join cheyyaalani anukuntunnamu. So daanikinko 3years time vundi kaabatti ippudu ekkuva alochinchatledu :)

- Keerthi (Nellore)

(Purely personal considerations which I posted for my personal reference and for any one else who might be interested or on the lookout like me)

Schooling In Hyderabad - A mom's considerations

Well, when joining kids in a school a lot of things go through parents' minds..

a mom from Hyderabad, AP, near KPHB, Miyapur area says...

These r d main points v considered first

1. A big NO to Too hi-fi schools (i mean AC class rooms, buses and so on....)
2. CBSE syllabus 
3. I can keep her upto +2 (Inter 2nd year)
4. Activities should be included with communication and confidence skills.
5. Not too far from our house (considering travelling time)
6. Good play ground for out door games (Physical exercise is must)
7. Last but not least Hygienic place.

After going through so many schools and surveying stuff, we narrowed down that if the kid is provided the proper basics, they will learn anyway.  almost all the schools are similar in one way or the other except for slight differences, so pick a right choice for yourself considering all the factors including price and commute but one thing is make sure that it is an International/CBSE school considering most of the parents are from IT/Software industry and tend to keep moving to and fro be it in India or abroad and it is easier for kids to adjust.

Approximate kids' ages and schooling years
2.6 yrs - Nursery.
3.6 yrs - PP1(LKG) admission
4.6 yrs - PP2 (UKG) admission.
Nursery and PP1 admission is direct admission

but from PP2 onwards there is an admission test which the kids should pass before getting in

Every academic year admission starts from Nov to May depends on the School .......

For people staying close to Chandanagar, Madeenaguda, a few of school options
Genesis International School, its not too hi-fi school at the same time not too bad school also, they are charging appr 60k - 70k including transportation.
Oakridge and Meridian - They are charging more than 2 lakhs annual fee
Maharshi and Bharati Vidya Bhavan - these looks like our generation schools with good ground but only thing is very less activities, full time studies. These schools are charging appr 60k per annual year.
Arbor - very new school located in Ayyappa Society, Madhapur.
Lilly School - Chandanagar, very good reviews but its State Syllabus next year or so expecting Central Syllabus.
Sentin School - In Miyapur, its Euro Kids school.

Courtesy:  Avanthi

(Purely personal considerations which I posted for my personal reference and for any one else who might be interested or on the lookout like me)

Magic Pot - A Manorama Group Publication

For parents in India,

Found this book at my regular book sellers where I go to buy my magazines for the month and weekly whenever I happen to go to Gudiwada.

Magic Pot a magazine for nursery/primary school children.. one of its kind, too many activities, big font, good stories, puzzles and a lot more to look for.. just loved it from cover to cover and the kid enjoyed me reading it to her too..

so, if you happen to be a parent of a pre/primary-schooler, then just go for it and you will not regret  :).

From the publishers of Manorama, Tell Me Why is another knowledge magazine for the kids.. just loved them both..

For more details

Log on to which also has English in its options though it comes up in Malayalam.

or call 1800-4255-002 or 04812564393

The Reluctant Tooth-Brusher!!!

Kid refusing to brush...!!!!

Well, my kid loves to eat up the paste than actually brush.. it is a struggle getting her to brush normally and properly.. like it is some kind of a power struggle at times.. well, after some point, one needs to put an end to reluctance and work towards making it a happy routine.. how, how, how...????

Target Happy Brushing...1,2,3...

Brushing twice a day happily... WE CAN DO IT!!!! (all is well style ;)).  Brushing is fun and let it be so!

Eating toothpaste is the most common things the kid love to do, considering the paste is sweet/minty flavored, etc. so the key is to give very little paste.. almost a pea size or less than that.

Make it exciting, pick up multiple brushes of her choice, the animated/toy ones, the musical/vibrating battery operated ones, her favorite colors.. whatever it takes her to brush happily..

**Let her have her choice of brush for the day, keep a couple of them handy.
**Let her have a pick of choice of toothpaste, keep a couple of flavors handy.

**Brush with the kid, in front of a mirror, teach the kid to do it on her, let them repeat the action.
**Name the teeth or let the kid name the teeth, tell them that it is like bathing them, clean them through and through, every single teeth, upwards, downwards, back and front, massage the gums, keep talking to them.
**Tell them the germ cycle, germ stories, how important is oral hygiene, how germs accumulate overnight and how not brushing just pushes them down the tummy and into the body, get into the tummy, eat it, bite it.. whatever that makes the child sit up and listen and actually see the need to do it.
**sick songs happily when the kid brush.. make up own words.. like brush, brush brush your teeth, washing the germs away.. spit, spit, spit the paste, whatever silly catchy things that come to your mind at that time.

Show them some brushing videos like Elmo brushing, etc.
Rhymes on brushing before we actually get to brushing

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush it every day
amma, daddy, Sreya, Chutki brush it every day... whatever, whatever that comes out of your mouth, set a tune and get them going!

Well, the kids truly bring out our creative/negotiating best!!!

Do not forget to share other tips that you might have successfully implemented!!

Head Lice

... and the school woes start, in what way.. lice!!! Eeeks!!!

If you happen to be from India, almost every one of us tend to have this experience of head lice, scratching and un-licing or whatever it is called in the hands of patient mothers and grandmothers... De-loused for the summer vacation only to be infested in the first week of school... and the result is

They are not harmful but highly infectious and scratchy and annoying and cranky kid is the result!!!

It is such a common phenomenon that once in school, it is almost expected :(.. sigh!!! and so my problems start... the kid goes to school for a week and is infested.

So bring out traditional lice combs oil the hair regularly, give head bath every 2 days or weekly twice and bring out (pela duvvenalu).

The problem gets worse during the rains with them drenching and the lice thriving in that fungus and moist head area.

Prevention methods
**Good hair care routine and hygiene, regular hair wash.
**No sharing of combs/hair brushes/caps/hair accessories, towels, clothing.
**A kid/individual infested, whole family infested :(!

We were prescribed Dimeticone solution, Hedrin.. a bottle of odorless/non-sticky solution applied from roots to the ends of each and every hair shaft.. treatment only for kids above 6 months of age kids under that age group need to be medically supervised.

Apply the lotion from the roots to the ends of each hair at night time, leave it on for 8 hrs. and rinse it off with normal regular shampoo.. repeat the same exactly a week later as any nits (lice eggs) that might have been left would have hatched in the meantime.  3/4 of the bottle for the mother and 1/4 for the kid!  or contact your doctor for exact details and suggestions pertaining to it.

I would suggest visiting a doctor rather than the over-the-counter lice drugs available, considering it is a medicated preparation and nothing un-supervised should get into kid's eyes or system by any chance.

Repeat the exact routine and keep watching closely for re-infestation...!!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Ragi Recipe

this is recipe ucan use sugar or jaggery

2 heaped tbsps raagi powd
1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup water
2 tsps badam pwd
1 1/4 tbsps jaggery syrup (adjust)
a pinch of elachi
1 Add a little cold water to the ragi pwd
and make a smooth paste and keep aside. Heat water and milk in a
stainless steel vessel and when it begins to boil, add this paste and
stir continuously to avoid any lumps.
2 Add jaggery and badam pwd. Continue stirring
on medium flame and you will find that it thickens. After 3-4 mts, add
the cardamom pwd and continue stirring for a mt and remove from heat.

Courtesy:  Lakshmi

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homemade cough drops!

From an FB update!!!  Everything is natural in it, so no harm trying... I am yet to try it!

The next time you or a family member have a sore throat, try this homemade cough drops remedy instead of running to the pharmacy.

• 1 cup powdered jaggery
• 1 tbsp ghee
• 1 tsp ginger powder
• ¼ tsp black pepper powder
• 1 tsp turmeric powder
• A pinch of salt

• Melt jaggery in a pan and add ginger powder, turmeric powder, salt and ghee. Mix well till bubbles start forming.
• Turn the flame off, once mixture is cool, divide into equal portions and roll into small circular shapes similar to cough drops.
• Store in an airtight container.

The turmeric and salt will help loosen the mucus. Children can take up to 2 tablets a day and adults can take 3 tablets.

Courtesy:  Swathi B.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ISP - Online Better Parenting Sessions - Rush!!

Extremely sorry for the late heads up guys,

Sri RaviJi, one from the first couple practicing SSY, Raviji and Gayathri Ma, has enabled us an online session featuring ISP for 9 weeks between 7 and 9 p.m. IST on Saturdays.

Dear wonderful parents of beautiful children!
We just started the new batch of ISP online classes on Saturday, i.e. 9th June 2012. We sent invitations to you from I am not sure if you have noticed it!
Take this opportunity to give the best to your child!
Your child is growing faster than we imagine! What you cannot give now, cannot be given later easily!
With concern for your child, we remind you the last chance to join the present batch of ISP online course.
Be positive and offer your greatest gift to yourself and the child - ISP- Art of Joyful parenting!

M: 07569261234
M: 09392444251
Magicjack: 321-420-9091

The session had actually started on 9th June but for the sake of new entrants, we had a repeat introductory Session yesterday too 16, June 2012.

So, there is still chance for you to get into the program rather than wait up for the next chance.

HURRY NOW.. I have got some wonderful reviews and notes for the ISP posts done by Rekha here, so the parents really interested in one on one interaction and the course by the Guru himself, it is a golden chance, considering he is coming to her homes through WizIQ learning/web sessions.

The payment amount varies between India and US.. for parents in India it is 6,600 rs/-, the ISP course material would be sent home and due to shipping variance, the price for overseas is a bit more which needs to be confirmed over the phone.  Payment mode is money transfer through ICICI bank details that will be provided over the phone or Paypal which again can be gotten over the phone with the Guruji himself.

My experience with online class
Since I live in a remote area in AP, I have no option of attending any such courses or sessions but this one has been God sent and ever since Rekha suggested me this one and also my friends Bindu and Suraj practised it on their kid, I was like I must do this!!! I want my kid to have that kind of a parenting too, let me better myself as a person and a parent and experience that ecstatic feeling firsthand and enjoy my kid thoroughly!!!

The introduction to the thought of having a child, the way we want her/him to be as an adult or grow up, the reason we need to let them be, the priorities of what is what?  Why and When should we do What and Why and what we should not.  Yes, we know the best, but a little guidance wont really hurt.

IT was my first session with Wiziq, the master was in a panel through his webcam on the screen with an interactive window open below for us to type in our comments.  We can hear him and see him but unless we are given mike rights we wont be able to speak to him but interaction is through chat window which he responds to immediately... like there are questions posed to us by him and we type in there, we have queries, we put them forward and he replies.

There was a bit of lag maybe due to my connectivity but it was just right, no reason to complain.

The home plays (things to be practiced during this week at home) are
Vision - Writing down our vision for the kid on a sheet of paper along with the personality we have in mind while wanting him/her to be.
Say and Do - Running commentary of what we are doing, what is happening around him/her, talking and interacting and listening.
Talking in Sleep - Talking to the kid in her/his sleep, curing the kid, letting the kid know of something in that semi-sleep state (whispering clearly in the ear in a soothing voice) after the kid goes to sleep.

I had fun and knowledge dissemination, if you want to be there... pls. be there... not just for the heck of it but to reform your own self, understanding parenting as a concept as a study as an art and not just a mere responsibility.

and YES, we can replicate what guruji says here, like how Rekha has done it wonderfully for us or me after going through the session in my own words, my experiences but that was all when we had no such option of guruji doing it for us.. but Guruvu nerpina vidyani minchinadi inkoti untundaa?.. when we have him teaching it to us, learning from him is a different thing altogether.

The session happens completely in English, so regional/local language is not a barrier... 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Extremes of Constipation

It is quite natural for the kids to have constipation in early phases of life but one should ensure that it does not become a habit.  Good potty habits and food habits are must.  As we focus on nutrition intake for the kid, we also need to ensure that the toxic wastes get out of the body regularly and without much strain.

If it is a severe problem, like too much of straining happening in spite of all dietary measures, fiber intake, water intake and all the home remedies then please consult the doctors and ensure that at least stool softeners or laxatives are given.

Too much of straining and constipated state might result in rectal prolapse, though not really common in kids and toddlers and not a very painful condition is really scary.

So, MOMS, please ensure the kid does potty regularly, do not panic in the infant and newborn stage but once a toddler, ensure that you do everything possible to see that the stool passage and frequency is good and not a painful thing to the kids.

Also, when there is any condition diagnosed in the kid, please do not hesitate to take a second opinion and if need be third and then narrow down on the treatment.

Courtesy:  A concerned mom. Thank you C for giving me the heads up and asking me to write it here.!

I hope my sweet P baby grows out of it soon.

Also check here for Ayurvedic cure for rectal prolapse.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips for better Breast Feeding - Telugu

Tips taken from Swathi Magazine

1) Minapa garelu roju tinte palu padtayi
 2) Sugarcane juice lo konchem jeera kalipi tagithe palu baga padtayita
3) Menthulu, menthi koora chala manchidi. Menthi koora tinna 25 hrs lopu palu padtayita
 4) Oats roju morning tinamani chepparu
 5) Meals tinna tarvatha pratisari sompu tinte palu padtayita
 6) Meals lo jeera baga include cheyyamannaru
 7) Soy beans ni overnight waterlo nanapetti - vatini vedi chesi roju tea laga teeskunte milk baga ostayita
8) Patika bellam kalipina palu roju teeskunte - adi mother and baby ki chala manchidi ani rasadu

Contributed by: Anu J

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long time...

Well, as the kid is growing up.. I find less and less time to sit on this blog.. not that the needs end.. one ends the other type begins.. :).. always on the query ground, getting answers as we go along.. but basically as she is growing up I am not as much scared worried and take my own sweet time to resolve things...

After the initial hurricane of posts.. well, there were so many initially, I thought of doing one post a month but then again, the lazy me pops in big time... sigh!!!

The kid has completed 3 successfully.. terrible twos, tiring threes... fighting four, I see it already. yeah we fight for everything... eating, drinking, potty, waking up, sleeping on time and without any doubts she wins almost all the times!!!!

It has been a wonderful journey...  when I began, I was too damn scared, some time down the line I thought baby-raising was a child's play (1 to 6 months) of age, even the smallest things did scare me at that point but I was like when will the kid grow up...little did I know I had crocodile festival ahead... the easiest period in parenting was those few golden months... after that I had been rewarded amply by her antics, smiles, love yous, hugs, words, everything she did was kind of magic for a while... well, it still is, but you know what I mean... the growing food time wars, tv time issues.....

and the new issues in front of me.. the schooling...............................!!!! pheww... mindblowing options.. too many questions...

How have you all been????

Hope all is well at your end... please drop by to let me know how you are doing, feels good to see personal updates... the effort seems worth it!!!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold and Cough... home remedies, prevention/cure.

Thanks a Ton Rekha for sharing these wonderful tips in time of need!

Water lo tulasi leaves, oka miriyam, lavangam,allam,vesi kashayam laga chesi ivvandi.

Karakkaaya powder lo konchem miriyalu pwd, lavangampwd, sonthi or allam, anni powder chesi baaga mix chesi bellam tho kalipi chinna vundalu chesi, babyki petti taravata konchem warm water ivvandi.  Even after the kid is better give it twice a week to the kid to improve resistance.

Also, vallaki cold vunte bearable kante ekkuva water ni boil chesi legs ankles varaku munigetattu pettandi..water warm ayyedaka vunchi...teesi mustard oil lo ajwain vesi vedi cheyyandi..konchem challaraka karpuram vesi kalipi adi baga arikallaki raayndi n gundelaki , back ki rayandi.

Cough ki aithe water lo lemon, lavangam n saindava namak vesi taaginchandi... enni sarlu tagithe antha relief.

milk lo haldi vesi ivvandi.

night padukune mundu...oka small berry size bellam ivvandi..chapparinchi mimgamanandi dont give water....kani mouth wash chesi padukopettandi..meeku cough syrup kuda ivvanatha relief isthundi.  may be first day cough vuntundi baga but next day ne meeru change chustharu.

avoid khatta, theeka things

ee chitkalu pillalake kadu evarikyna vadavacchu

Courtesy:  Rekha.

Karakkaaya pagala kotti chinna mukka teesukuni andulo madhyalo chinna bellam mukka petti ichhi buggana pettukomanandi.  adi nani water vastunte mingitie twaraga taggutundi daggu.

Courtesy:  Swapna Rams.

ginger chinna mukka ni danchi, aa juice about half teaspoon, andulo half teaspoon honey, 2-3 drops lime juice, ivi anni oka 2-3 teapoons warm water lo kalipi , daily 2-3 times, konchem relief untundi.

Courtesy:  Shireen.