Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Schooling in India - A few more personal considerations

I do agree that education should not be stressful to kids... whatever they learn should go into their mind happily without pressure is what I feel... I try new ways to make things interesting for the kid and when he gets bored of one way I invent something new and keep his interest intact... 

Coming to SSC, CBSE and ICSE.

SSC is what I went to.... only studies and no play.... LKG to 10th, studies, studies... exams exams exams.

CBSE... central board.. mix of studies and some activities.... compared to SSC higher classes there is less syllabus.  Child should complete 3.5 years to get admitted into PP 1 in CBSE.....

ICSE... Interenational schools follow this... and its more of Montessori system is what I feel... teaching thru activities and all.... Indian mind set ki, competitive world ki I wasnt sure how kids will take it once they have to join the main stream after their 10th or +2.... also ekkuva emphasis will be on social and science ani vinnanu.... SSC, CBSE maths thoo compare chesthee ICSE is far back... I saw this practically when I was in inter... my ICSE classmates used to come to me for help with their mathematics.... 

konni international schools in hyd are coming up with IGBSE or something like that... entoo they are making their own curriculam mixing ICSE and CBSE for primary classes anta.... and kids / parents can choose which one to take up once they come to 7th class..... idhi koncham over anipinchindhi naaku..... 

Final gaa we have choosen CBSE for the kid..

- Poornima (Hyderabad)

Nenu koodaa SSC lone chadivaanu.. chaduvu thappa maro dhyaasa vundadu akkada..Playclass pillalatho alphabets raayisthaaru..adi koodaa English n telugu lo...chaalaa stress vuntundi..So I ruled it out

Ika Nellorelo naaku migilina options CBSE and XSEED.

XSEED ante syllabus SSC/CBSE/ICSE ki alignedgaa vuntundita..but they emphasize more on activity based learning..Montessori system lo laagaa annamaata..deeni gurinchi poorthi info ee link lo vundi http://www.xseed.in/

Naaku thelsina parents chaalaa mandini adigithe ee syllabus gurinchi positive feedback icchaaru..but still nenu decide chesukolekapothunnaanu between CBSE/XSEED

Memu pandu gaadini join chesina school lo Playclass, LKG and UKG matrame vundi..and akkadanthaa activity based learning ane concept ye follow avuthaaru..Playclass 1 yr lo vaalla syllabus identifying alphabets (large and small case), numbers (1 to 10) and 4 or 5 colors and shapes + Rhymes...Ivannee koodaa they learn thru visuals, games and other activities...writing emee vundadu..Ikkada playclass lo vaadi performance choosi vaadiki comfortablegaa vundi maaku nacchithe LKG and UKG koodaa ikkade continue chesi 1st class ki CBSE/XSEED vunna school lo join cheyyaalani anukuntunnamu. So daanikinko 3years time vundi kaabatti ippudu ekkuva alochinchatledu :)

- Keerthi (Nellore)

(Purely personal considerations which I posted for my personal reference and for any one else who might be interested or on the lookout like me)

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  1. Wonderful post about kind of schooling in India.But I think that the schooling conditions are changing now and a good education system is establishing.