Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Schooling In Hyderabad - A mom's considerations

Well, when joining kids in a school a lot of things go through parents' minds..

a mom from Hyderabad, AP, near KPHB, Miyapur area says...

These r d main points v considered first

1. A big NO to Too hi-fi schools (i mean AC class rooms, buses and so on....)
2. CBSE syllabus 
3. I can keep her upto +2 (Inter 2nd year)
4. Activities should be included with communication and confidence skills.
5. Not too far from our house (considering travelling time)
6. Good play ground for out door games (Physical exercise is must)
7. Last but not least Hygienic place.

After going through so many schools and surveying stuff, we narrowed down that if the kid is provided the proper basics, they will learn anyway.  almost all the schools are similar in one way or the other except for slight differences, so pick a right choice for yourself considering all the factors including price and commute but one thing is make sure that it is an International/CBSE school considering most of the parents are from IT/Software industry and tend to keep moving to and fro be it in India or abroad and it is easier for kids to adjust.

Approximate kids' ages and schooling years
2.6 yrs - Nursery.
3.6 yrs - PP1(LKG) admission
4.6 yrs - PP2 (UKG) admission.
Nursery and PP1 admission is direct admission

but from PP2 onwards there is an admission test which the kids should pass before getting in

Every academic year admission starts from Nov to May depends on the School .......

For people staying close to Chandanagar, Madeenaguda, a few of school options
Genesis International School, its not too hi-fi school at the same time not too bad school also, they are charging appr 60k - 70k including transportation.
Oakridge and Meridian - They are charging more than 2 lakhs annual fee
Maharshi and Bharati Vidya Bhavan - these looks like our generation schools with good ground but only thing is very less activities, full time studies. These schools are charging appr 60k per annual year.
Arbor - very new school located in Ayyappa Society, Madhapur.
Lilly School - Chandanagar, very good reviews but its State Syllabus next year or so expecting Central Syllabus.
Sentin School - In Miyapur, its Euro Kids school.

Courtesy:  Avanthi

(Purely personal considerations which I posted for my personal reference and for any one else who might be interested or on the lookout like me)


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