Monday, July 16, 2012

Some tips for lactation

There have been quite a few personal requests for translation of a Telugu post on lactation tips by Swapna, I have been a bit busy.. err.. let me honest, lazy to do so but on a simple request my buddies pitched in to help... both of them did it at the same time more or less, so just leaving them both in.....


1) Have millet (bajri) flour porridge.  have two glsses of warm water first thing in the morning. then take 1 tbsp of bajri flour and roast it 
   in ghee. add 1/2 cup of milk and let it cook. add sugar to taste and have it. this will help in increasing the supply.

2) have walnuts for snack. It'll help in baby's brain development.

3) take two glasses of water and have gondh laddoo ( and a glass milk. this will really help in boosting the supply.

4) Use fenugreek seeds/ Fenugreek leaves in cooking. soak some seeds in water overnight and take it in the morning. or you can take powder too.

5) Use lots of garlic in food.

6) have dry ginger powder with ghee in first bite of rice.

7) have barley water (cook barley in water till soft. filter and drink that water). you can start this when you are pregnant.

8) have bread/rusk with milk. have atleast two slices twice a day.

9) have a glass of warm water 10 mins before feeding or sip while feeding. this will help with letdown.

10) have curries made of tindora (ivy gourd), lauki (bottle gourd), fenugreek leaves, spinach, ridge gourd, snake gourd, carrots, asparagus.

11) use lot of urad dal (black gram) in seasonings.

12) have oats and almonds mixed in cereal once a day

13) you can also have oats with milk

14) try skin to skin with baby (kangaroo care). will help in increasing the supply.

15) think about baby all the time. keep a positive feeling that you can feed the baby.

16) place few cloves of garlic in fresh cooked rice. eat after 10 mins

If the baby stops latching all of a sudden check for these

1) eggs in your diet in any form

2) any new perfumes/deo

3) onions in diet  


1)Drink 2 glasses of luke warm water as soon as u wake up in the morning..Then have Bajri Powder Kheer:Mix 1 tbs of Bajra powder and roast it in ghee till 

the raw flavor is gone the stir in 1/2 cup of warm mix and cook it reaches the Kheer consistency and have it...Sometimes the milk supply increases so much in 

that case try not to eat the Bajra kheer for 2-3 days n then start having it.

2)Walnuts Increase the baby's memory power so have them as a snack when u feel hungry.

3)eat 1 Gondh Ladoo and drink a glass of milk..drink 2 glasses of water before eating this laddoo

4)Both fenugreek seeds n fenugreek leaves help in milk production..If u dont have time to soak the fenugreek seeds,jst take the seeds directly and drink 

water,jst like how u take a tablet.

5)Use garlic as in cooking much as u can.

6)Mix some dry ginger pwoder and ghee in the 1st spoon of rice u eat.

7)Barley Water

8)Bread n Rusk,preferably bread with a glass of milk gives gud result..have atleast 2 slices of bread twice a day along with milk

9)Have a glass full of water atleast 10 mins before u start feeding the baby,if u dont have time just keep sipping the water while feeding the baby this 

helps in improving the milk supply

10)Use Tindora,lauki,fnugreek leaves,spinach,lady finger,turai(chinees okra) a lot in ur diet

11)Add lots of urad when u make tempering for the curries/dal

12)Make sure u have oats and almond mixed cereal atleast once a day

13)Combination of oats n milk together gives gud result..try this if u can

14)Hug ur baby often as that bonding helps in improving the supply

15)While feeding the baby think abt his/her future n how r u going to raise ur kid n all such thoughts also improves the supply

16)Chop garlic into small pieces n put on the steaming hot rice and cover it with a lid for 10 mins,wait n then eat them together.


A special mention of thanks to a sweet buddy H for pitching in instantly in translating and also lovely Kavya for pitching in in spite of a heavy schedule and an infant to handle... love you ladies!!!

Love you girls!! you are rocking super moms....!!!

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