Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Reluctant Tooth-Brusher!!!

Kid refusing to brush...!!!!

Well, my kid loves to eat up the paste than actually brush.. it is a struggle getting her to brush normally and properly.. like it is some kind of a power struggle at times.. well, after some point, one needs to put an end to reluctance and work towards making it a happy routine.. how, how, how...????

Target Happy Brushing...1,2,3...

Brushing twice a day happily... WE CAN DO IT!!!! (all is well style ;)).  Brushing is fun and let it be so!

Eating toothpaste is the most common things the kid love to do, considering the paste is sweet/minty flavored, etc. so the key is to give very little paste.. almost a pea size or less than that.

Make it exciting, pick up multiple brushes of her choice, the animated/toy ones, the musical/vibrating battery operated ones, her favorite colors.. whatever it takes her to brush happily..

**Let her have her choice of brush for the day, keep a couple of them handy.
**Let her have a pick of choice of toothpaste, keep a couple of flavors handy.

**Brush with the kid, in front of a mirror, teach the kid to do it on her, let them repeat the action.
**Name the teeth or let the kid name the teeth, tell them that it is like bathing them, clean them through and through, every single teeth, upwards, downwards, back and front, massage the gums, keep talking to them.
**Tell them the germ cycle, germ stories, how important is oral hygiene, how germs accumulate overnight and how not brushing just pushes them down the tummy and into the body, get into the tummy, eat it, bite it.. whatever that makes the child sit up and listen and actually see the need to do it.
**sick songs happily when the kid brush.. make up own words.. like brush, brush brush your teeth, washing the germs away.. spit, spit, spit the paste, whatever silly catchy things that come to your mind at that time.

Show them some brushing videos like Elmo brushing, etc.
Rhymes on brushing before we actually get to brushing

Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush it every day
amma, daddy, Sreya, Chutki brush it every day... whatever, whatever that comes out of your mouth, set a tune and get them going!

Well, the kids truly bring out our creative/negotiating best!!!

Do not forget to share other tips that you might have successfully implemented!!

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