Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic Pot - A Manorama Group Publication

For parents in India,

Found this book at my regular book sellers where I go to buy my magazines for the month and weekly whenever I happen to go to Gudiwada.

Magic Pot a magazine for nursery/primary school children.. one of its kind, too many activities, big font, good stories, puzzles and a lot more to look for.. just loved it from cover to cover and the kid enjoyed me reading it to her too..

so, if you happen to be a parent of a pre/primary-schooler, then just go for it and you will not regret  :).

From the publishers of Manorama, Tell Me Why is another knowledge magazine for the kids.. just loved them both..

For more details

Log on to www.manoramaonline.com which also has English in its options though it comes up in Malayalam.

or call 1800-4255-002 or 04812564393

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  1. do you also include some art & craft lessons to kids? for example : origami, or just to make something out of garbage etc.