Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indoor Play Ideas for Kids - 2

Pillalni manam chese panulloo entha involve chesthee antha happy feel avuthaaru ani anipisthundhi naaku coz i saw this with both my kids P and A,

Roti / chapathi dough chesthuntee extra pindi kalipi isthee play doh laagaa aadukuntaaru... and play doh aithee dry ayyi chinna chinna pieces laagaa raalipoothundhi adhee goduma pindi aithee vallaki mana pani loo involve chesaamu ani anna feeling and clean up easy :)

doodle board is one mess free playing device... pen thoo akkada ikkada raasthaaru ani bhayam vesthundhi but doodle board aithee clean up emi undadhu and hours of fun.... shapes draw cheyyi, animals draw cheyyi ilaa edhooti cheppi draw cheyyinchachhu...

magnetic letters.... kitchen loo fridge ki pettestheee manam vanta chesukunetappudu they can play with those... 2 sets teesukuntee we can teach them small spellings...

tub time.... warm water fill chesi(to avoid catching up cold) tub loo chinna glasses or bowls istheee (with instructions that they should not spill water out) entha aadathaaroo water thooo... tub time toys unte inka cheppakkarledhu bayataki rammanna raaru :)

youtube looo bollani videos untaayi.... naaku calls avi emanna unappudu I start a video and ask him to see... oka video play avunthuntee pakkana related videos list vasthundhi kadhaaa andhuloo i ask him to click on the next one once this is done... i have been doing this since he is 2 and 1/2 years old... laptop manchigaa handle chesthee next time laptop activity time untundhi else undadhu ani cheppi 2 - 3 times cheppamu so he handles it well.... online kids educational  /games sites untaayi... limited time with adult monitoring aadinchachhu appudappudu...  For m yson ki aithee recent gaa oka month back his dad installed windows 8 with a child login account / id... so if he is using the laptop he has to login with his id and open IE and all.... we thought him step by step instructions... so now he knows how to start the lappy, login and browse.... youtube avi thanee pettukuntaadu... weekly naaku mail vasthundhi about his online activity...

Paper work, drawing/sketching/painting/writing  Generally we stock up lot of papers at home... office loo one side printed and left at printer type papers anamaata... so that we are not wasting fresh ones... Pravar likes to draw and color like anything (Sree can tell about this :P) so we ask him to use those... crayons, color pencils are for only paper ani clear gaa cheppamu...

inka kids ki emi istamooo daanini batti we can buy stuff for them... kitchen set, animals set, tools set, blocks ilaaa.... even puzzles loo bollu varieties dorukuthaayi... board puzzles, peg puzzles, jigsaw puzzles... even dollar shop loo koodaa dorukuntaayi... they are nice way to develop creativity in kids....

smart phone applications unte we can install apps for them and let them play... i nstall mostly educational cum entertaining apps so that he will learn something playing... chaduvu stressful gaa undadhu ilaa chesthee ani naa feeling... but any electronic device has to be given on time basis... just for 10 - 15 mins a day antheee...

story books looneee early readers, first books alaa untaayi ekkuva bommalu takkuva text thoo... these will help them get intrested in reading... india loo cross word is one awesome place for books... US loo cheppakkarledhu there are many stores... library loo koodaa bollu books dorukuthaayi kadhaaa....

going for walks together is refreshing for them as well as us... manam emi chesthunna vallaki details cheppi chesthee they will understand the process and they know the value of the work we are doing... like vanta chesetappudu veggies cut chesthunaamu, taalimpu vesthunaamu alaa annee chepthee they will feel happy that we are involving them in the process... :).

Courtesy:  Poornima

Indoor Play Ideas for Kids - 1

My both kids r 7 yrs apart ... so it'S a complete different thing to keep them busy together........but till now I never had any problem in this issue.

Right from beginning, I always take time to play with them, but I encourage them to keep themselves busy on their own and with each other too.

Our activities depend on weather and schedule of the day...

Reading stories
Watching books ( this we always do together )
Building blocks ( Lego, Wooden blocks ..they enjoy more when I too do with them)
Sports at home ( jumping from sofa, judo, running - catching, lifting, Kissie attack , pillow fight 
Household work ( I keep it strictly playful )
Organising their rooms ( part of time with mumma, we work and talk together )
Watching a movie together 
Baking or cooking 
Doing small experiments 
I let them give me ideas in my works 
Watching albums together and mentioning incidents related to it
Talking abt their and our childhood ( thsi we do very often )
making preparations for festivals

I don't play with my kids to ' entertain them ' or to ''keep them busy''....I enjoy playing with them.......... It'S like taking break form my own work......... so there is no specific time.. My kids enjoy doing ' anything' with me ... so till now it was never a 'issue to tackle' for me.

In the process of leading a social life of a grown up individual, we forget the child in us................every one of us has a child within.

Just wake up the child in u... and u will enjoy it... 

But I know it's not so easy as said, my husband too feels bored to play with kids..............he normally exchanges ....he happily does household chores and lets me play with kids...

But I will say try it... it'S all about changing ur own thinking. 

Courtesy:  Sunitha

Some facts about motherhood to new mommy to be....


sharing my experiences...just so that first time mommies will be prepared with what to expect :)....

1. As soon as the baby is born, .the whole focus will be on the 9 months of pampering from your family members will vanish ....and sometimes this becomes the cause of post partum depression...actually there is nothing that you can do about it..but just prepare yourself for this... :)

2. Lack of sleep ....just forget getting sleep for straight 4-6hrs for atleast next 6 will have to sleep in installments ...just get used to it...until if you are lucky enough to have a baby who loves sleeping

3. your house will be in mess...dont worry too much about it...this is part and parcel of will have to learn to overlook few things for atleast first few months and once you are active enough to bring back your home into shape

4. Like your house..your body will also go through lot of change...again you should be prepared for this....give yourself atleast 6 months to think about exercising or healthy dieting....till then just focus on your baby..

5. Breast Feeding - most of us opt for breast feeding and this is the best thing that we can give for our the past TIAns have given very good tips to increase breast milk ...try to follow them...other than all that...remember for need to have lot of patience....just as BFing is new for you, for your child too its new thing to latch takest atleast 4-6 weeks for baby to learn proper latching and once baby learns latching, your milk flow will grow too....dont be overwhelmed in the beginning takes time..give your best for atleast first 2 months ...even after 2 months you feel your milk is not enough then switch to formula...and REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DEPRESSED IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BF YOUR BABY ...remember you have done your best....and never be ashamed that you are not able BF your no two human beings are same..this too is natural tendency for which you cant do anything...

6. dont buy too much of NB(new born) size clothes and diapers... they outgrow that size really fast...and there are times when we end up using some clothes just once or not even once (I had that problem where loads and loads of NB, 1-3 months were just given away before she wore them, Sreya was a summer baby and clothes I got from US did not go on well with her, so my personal advice is NB clothes should be born according to season in the place where one lives and based on kid's needs -- sree) ....same goes with NB size buy limited stuff in each size...they really outgrow very fast

7. Absentmindedness.... for new mothers ...bcos at a time 10 things go around in our brain due to which we easily loose focus and keep forgetting things...also lack of sleep adds up to our already heated again try to organize stuff by writing up things...for example what to keep in diaper bag whenever you go out..make a list of that and ask your hubby to check can divide your work...

8. for first 1-2 months its better you hubby sleeps separately in another room..this i am telling with experience....bcos one of you need good sleep so that he can help you during the day...if both parents lack sleep then both will be irritable...if you have your parents for the same with them...let your mother sleep in another room so that she can give enough time for your baby during day time and you can get some sleep during day....

9. if your hubby doesnt know cooking..this is the time he should start learning how to cook :) ....teach him cooking some easy meals while you are preggie...thats going to be really helpful for you....

10. never compare your baby with another baby of same age...specially milestones....every kid learns in his or her own pace...have patience...

11. keep camera/handycam handy to capture your baby's moments....nowadays with mobiles it has bcome lot more easy to capture pics...enni tensions unna never forget to take pics......these moments will never come back again...

Courtesy:  Swathi T.