Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indoor Play Ideas for Kids - 1

My both kids r 7 yrs apart ... so it'S a complete different thing to keep them busy together........but till now I never had any problem in this issue.

Right from beginning, I always take time to play with them, but I encourage them to keep themselves busy on their own and with each other too.

Our activities depend on weather and schedule of the day...

Reading stories
Watching books ( this we always do together )
Building blocks ( Lego, Wooden blocks ..they enjoy more when I too do with them)
Sports at home ( jumping from sofa, judo, running - catching, lifting, Kissie attack , pillow fight 
Household work ( I keep it strictly playful )
Organising their rooms ( part of time with mumma, we work and talk together )
Watching a movie together 
Baking or cooking 
Doing small experiments 
I let them give me ideas in my works 
Watching albums together and mentioning incidents related to it
Talking abt their and our childhood ( thsi we do very often )
making preparations for festivals

I don't play with my kids to ' entertain them ' or to ''keep them busy''....I enjoy playing with them.......... It'S like taking break form my own work......... so there is no specific time.. My kids enjoy doing ' anything' with me ... so till now it was never a 'issue to tackle' for me.

In the process of leading a social life of a grown up individual, we forget the child in us................every one of us has a child within.

Just wake up the child in u... and u will enjoy it... 

But I know it's not so easy as said, my husband too feels bored to play with kids..............he normally exchanges ....he happily does household chores and lets me play with kids...

But I will say try it... it'S all about changing ur own thinking. 

Courtesy:  Sunitha

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