Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Banana and Lentils

... and the lentils

Weaning Foods

Another set of info all the way from UK :)!!

The weaning foods table

Another table

Thanks Jr. for sending this across and a special thanks for Suresh garu to get them scanned.

Baby Food - Salt and Sugar

I love it when people do actually take time to contribute and appreciate the efforts... thanks a ton Sravanthi... here they go!!

Sugar - Salt Table

Sugar intake

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Child Sexual Abuse - A good beginner video!

Check out! Loved the tactful and sensitive manner in which Dr. Bhooshan has handled the kids.  He sounded approachable, friendly and cool to the kids without scaring them with the lecture kind of a feel, just cool casual talk making them aware of the most practical thing to protect themselves, amazing, hats off to the creators of the video.

It is a good practice to teach the kids from a very young age, very very young to begin with in my personal opinion, to protect themselves, to let them know it is okay to tell any concerns to the trusted ones, it is okay that they trust the parents with stuff they are subjected to.  It is our job to convince them that it is not a crime or something wrong if someone else does something wrong to them, their bodies, their feelings.  They need to get out of that guilt and fear and feel free to express and get help and security.

I practice little things like
** Talking to the kid while washing her bum and tell her that only mom, grandma or xyz should be allowed to touch the bottom, no one else.. every day, just like that, not an advise, just some casual talk.
**Same ritual at bath time when cleaning up the private parts, undressing, and simple things like not letting any new person, that mamma does not know or ask to remove her clothing.
**Toilet training, bathing are two periods when I think the topic can be popped without sounding preachy, casual yet convincing time to have a firm talk without actually scaring the kid.

Please pass it on!

More about Dr. Bhoosan here