Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold and Cough... home remedies, prevention/cure.

Thanks a Ton Rekha for sharing these wonderful tips in time of need!

Water lo tulasi leaves, oka miriyam, lavangam,allam,vesi kashayam laga chesi ivvandi.

Karakkaaya powder lo konchem miriyalu pwd, lavangampwd, sonthi or allam, anni powder chesi baaga mix chesi bellam tho kalipi chinna vundalu chesi, babyki petti taravata konchem warm water ivvandi.  Even after the kid is better give it twice a week to the kid to improve resistance.

Also, vallaki cold vunte bearable kante ekkuva water ni boil chesi legs ankles varaku munigetattu pettandi..water warm ayyedaka vunchi...teesi mustard oil lo ajwain vesi vedi cheyyandi..konchem challaraka karpuram vesi kalipi adi baga arikallaki raayndi n gundelaki , back ki rayandi.

Cough ki aithe water lo lemon, lavangam n saindava namak vesi taaginchandi... enni sarlu tagithe antha relief.

milk lo haldi vesi ivvandi.

night padukune mundu...oka small berry size bellam ivvandi..chapparinchi mimgamanandi dont give water....kani mouth wash chesi padukopettandi..meeku cough syrup kuda ivvanatha relief isthundi.  may be first day cough vuntundi baga but next day ne meeru change chustharu.

avoid khatta, theeka things

ee chitkalu pillalake kadu evarikyna vadavacchu

Courtesy:  Rekha.

Karakkaaya pagala kotti chinna mukka teesukuni andulo madhyalo chinna bellam mukka petti ichhi buggana pettukomanandi.  adi nani water vastunte mingitie twaraga taggutundi daggu.

Courtesy:  Swapna Rams.

ginger chinna mukka ni danchi, aa juice about half teaspoon, andulo half teaspoon honey, 2-3 drops lime juice, ivi anni oka 2-3 teapoons warm water lo kalipi , daily 2-3 times, konchem relief untundi.

Courtesy:  Shireen.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skin Basics For Newborn

Check a useful article HERE.

A few more Cold and Cough tips

Ginger honey juice. 3 times a day.

2drops of "zinda tilismath" in a spoon of milk for about 4 days.

Whooping cough which is very severe during nights and early hours.   To control that sprinkle "Apple Cider Vinegar" on tissue and place it near the kid's head or pillow so that they inhale that and get relaxed.

Courtesy:  Roopa Reddy

Setting A Sleep Pattern For Kids/Sleeping On Their Own

It is essential for parents to set sleep patterns for the kids so as not to get sleep deprived and have a cranky kid at hand all the while.. or worse still a kid having cranky parents... a big no!!!

There are quite a few advises coming in but I loved the way this mom has summed it up all... see if helps.

My words could be harshand be lot more Q's than answers but try to take them in a positive way and try to read it twice or thrice before you come to a conclusion(some or most of the stuff I am typing here is an advise from a doc or a friend)

a. Do you feed him BF in a bottle? If not, please do that as you will have an idea on how much milk he is drinking in the first place so you will know if he is really hungry or not
b. What's his daily routine? I would suggest feeding him on schedule..try giving him bath in the evening atleast couple of hours before going to bed and read him books and stuff while he is in the crib. Let him sleep on his own in the crib how ever long it might be but don't pick him up when he is crying for no reason.Read books ,try playing toys whatever he likes to play with. If he is getting enough play and getting tired and taking naps in the afternoon he will also sleep at night.
c. If you are giving him formula or regular milk since he is 14months ,try giving him warm milk as that will give him a peaceful and restful sleep
d. This one is going to be really hard but if you want a solution to your sleep deprevation and put him on schedule try this and it will work as I have seen friends :
Put him in crib, read books,play etc ,dim the lights and let him cry (when you know he is not hungry or doesnt have any other health concerns etc) .If he doesn't have any tears that means he is just crying so you will come and hold him.If he has tears lift him,hug him and console him and make sure everything is OK and put him back in the crib. Never make him sleep next to you .If you think you can't be in the same room when he is crying move out, stay at distance where he doesnt watch you but you can watch him ,after a while he will stop crying thinking you won't come and will try to fall asleep. This is kind of hard being a mother who gave birth to watch them cry for long but if it doesn't happen now..it won't happen in the near future.
It frightens them if they sleep next to you and wake up in the so called crib and that's when they start crying.If they know where they slept if will be easy for them to understand that when they are in crib and it's time to sleep. I have american friends who did this and it works like wonder but mom has to be hard .I haven't tried this personally but if you want to have a best sleep pattern you have to be bold and hard on yourself.
Play some lullabies, sing if you can, make a routinue and slow music that will help too.

Courtesy:  JRani

Tips For Increasing Breast Milk Production... (Tinglish)

1) bajri powder payasam ( mng levagane first first oka 2 glasses water tagandi luke warm water until 3 months tarvata bajri powder oka 1tbs teesukuni oka pan lo koddiga ghee vesi roast cheyandi manchi flavor vachhe varaku tarvata andulo oka 1/2 cup warm milk posi payasam la chesukuni tinandi chala chala chala use aindi idi naku kaani chesukovadame baddakam ayyedi anduke on and off ga chesukuntunnanu okkosari milk supply baaga perigi potundi deeni valla appudu koddiga break ichhi oka 2 or 3 days malli start chesukondi

2) walnuts meeku eppudu hungry anipiste appudu tinandi memory power increase avutundi anta baby ki 

3) gondh laddoo idi tini oka glass milk tagandi ante oka 1hr boost baby la vuntaru but tine mundu water tagandi atleast oka 2 glasses

4) mentulu or menthi koora baaga use cheyandi  mentulu soak chese time lekapote oka spoon notlo vesukuni water taageyandi

5) Garlic enta use cheyagaligite anta use cheyandi

6) sontipodi first mudda annam lo ghee to kalipi tinandi

7) barley water 

8) bread and rusk lu preferably bread with milk aite manchi result vuntundi atleast two slices twice a day with milk teesukondi

9) inka feeding ichhe mundu oka 10 mins mundu water tagandi oka glass  time dorakaka pote sipper lo water fill chesukuni feeding istu tagandi helps to produce more milk 

10) dondakaya, sorakaya, menthi koora, palakura, bendakaya, beerakaya ee vegetables ekkuvaga use cheyandi

11) talimpu veseppudu ekkuvaga minapappu vesukondi 

12 ) oats and badam mixed cerels once in a day tappakunda teesukondi 

13) inka oats direct ga milk to teesukunte manchi result vuntundi antaru but nenu enni varieties of oats try chesina tinaleka poyanu 

14) baby ni veelinanni sarlu hug chesukunte bonding valla milk supply perugutundi antaru

15) inka naa baby future ila vundali vallani idi cheyali valla health bagundali ani velu anni times anukunte kooda meeku milk production ki help avutundi

16) rice cook cheyagane oka 2 garlic pods ni small pieces ga cut chesi rice meeda spread chesi lid petti oka 10 mins tarvata tinandi 

inka babies milk latch cheyatledante ee reasons kooda vuntai

1) Egg smell padadu kontamandi babies ki egg boil chesina , amlet vesina atleast cake chesina ante maa vadu andulo first vuntadu  egg boil chesina roju anta fussy ga vuntadu adi observe chesukondi egg tini baby daggaraki rakunda choosukondi

2) perfumes / Deo ki kooda konta mandi babies milk tagaranta

3) onion smell ki kooda 

Courtesy:  SwapnaRams.