Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping/Getting Ready For Newborn

For Baby

Car seat (try to buy the carseat which has weight limit upto 20lb...later you can buy the new one once the baby outgrows)

Stroller (either full travel system or just car seat with snap and go stroller to which you can attach car seat)

Bassinet/crib (bassinet is useful only upto baby is 15lbs...crib is for longer use)

Swing (very very helpful  to make the baby sleep)

Bouncer (very helpful)

Boppy Pillow (cheapest deal in walmart...helpful during first 3 months if you plan to breastfeed)

Diaper Pail 

Bath tub for baby (if your mom or you can do it on the lap then no need i guess)

Neck headrest (useful during first 2-3 months)

aveeno shampoo and baby wash - unscented (most recommended) or whatever brand of your choice.

almond oil / olive oil for baby massage

Baby wipes - wet wipes, unscented

Newborn Diapers one set (buy a smaller packet like 100ct. as some babies outgrow the size very fast)

Baby grooming set ( i bought nail clippers and hair brush thats all..not the whole kit)

Baby thick blanket

Baby receiving blankets (2-3)

Baby hooded towel (3 is enough)

Diaper rash cream - decitin

Onesies (8-10)

Full size body suits ( 8-10 if winter baby)

Caps (5-6)

Mittens (5-6 pairs)

Socks (5-6 pairs)

Rubber pad for diaper change ( i got it from india)

Small wash clothes like kerchiefs 5-6 (useful for while kids burp to clean their mouth)

small boots for baby (2-3 pairs)

Baby bottles (if breastfeeding ..just for emergency you can buy 1-2 )

Bottle warmer & drying rack (better buy from walmart so that if u r not using bottles you can return it)

Johnsons Baby Powder (first i didnt use it fearing allergies..but later when i started using it my baby loved it..she used to feel fresh and touchwood she didnt had any issue with it)

Hand Sanitizers 

For Moms

Feeding Bras

Nipple cream - lanolin

Breast pads - disposable

Diaper bag 

Feeding maxi/nighties

Adding to above list :- (very useful for cleaning tongue and gums).

Initially the baby's mouth would be sooooo small but after a month of so, getting this cleanser into the mouth would be easy.

Courtesy:  Swathi