Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips for better Breast Feeding - Telugu

Tips taken from Swathi Magazine

1) Minapa garelu roju tinte palu padtayi
 2) Sugarcane juice lo konchem jeera kalipi tagithe palu baga padtayita
3) Menthulu, menthi koora chala manchidi. Menthi koora tinna 25 hrs lopu palu padtayita
 4) Oats roju morning tinamani chepparu
 5) Meals tinna tarvatha pratisari sompu tinte palu padtayita
 6) Meals lo jeera baga include cheyyamannaru
 7) Soy beans ni overnight waterlo nanapetti - vatini vedi chesi roju tea laga teeskunte milk baga ostayita
8) Patika bellam kalipina palu roju teeskunte - adi mother and baby ki chala manchidi ani rasadu

Contributed by: Anu J

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long time...

Well, as the kid is growing up.. I find less and less time to sit on this blog.. not that the needs end.. one ends the other type begins.. :).. always on the query ground, getting answers as we go along.. but basically as she is growing up I am not as much scared worried and take my own sweet time to resolve things...

After the initial hurricane of posts.. well, there were so many initially, I thought of doing one post a month but then again, the lazy me pops in big time... sigh!!!

The kid has completed 3 successfully.. terrible twos, tiring threes... fighting four, I see it already. yeah we fight for everything... eating, drinking, potty, waking up, sleeping on time and without any doubts she wins almost all the times!!!!

It has been a wonderful journey...  when I began, I was too damn scared, some time down the line I thought baby-raising was a child's play (1 to 6 months) of age, even the smallest things did scare me at that point but I was like when will the kid grow up...little did I know I had crocodile festival ahead... the easiest period in parenting was those few golden months... after that I had been rewarded amply by her antics, smiles, love yous, hugs, words, everything she did was kind of magic for a while... well, it still is, but you know what I mean... the growing food time wars, tv time issues.....

and the new issues in front of me.. the schooling...............................!!!! pheww... mindblowing options.. too many questions...

How have you all been????

Hope all is well at your end... please drop by to let me know how you are doing, feels good to see personal updates... the effort seems worth it!!!!