Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Head Lice

... and the school woes start, in what way.. lice!!! Eeeks!!!

If you happen to be from India, almost every one of us tend to have this experience of head lice, scratching and un-licing or whatever it is called in the hands of patient mothers and grandmothers... De-loused for the summer vacation only to be infested in the first week of school... and the result is

They are not harmful but highly infectious and scratchy and annoying and cranky kid is the result!!!

It is such a common phenomenon that once in school, it is almost expected :(.. sigh!!! and so my problems start... the kid goes to school for a week and is infested.

So bring out traditional lice combs oil the hair regularly, give head bath every 2 days or weekly twice and bring out (pela duvvenalu).

The problem gets worse during the rains with them drenching and the lice thriving in that fungus and moist head area.

Prevention methods
**Good hair care routine and hygiene, regular hair wash.
**No sharing of combs/hair brushes/caps/hair accessories, towels, clothing.
**A kid/individual infested, whole family infested :(!

We were prescribed Dimeticone solution, Hedrin.. a bottle of odorless/non-sticky solution applied from roots to the ends of each and every hair shaft.. treatment only for kids above 6 months of age kids under that age group need to be medically supervised.

Apply the lotion from the roots to the ends of each hair at night time, leave it on for 8 hrs. and rinse it off with normal regular shampoo.. repeat the same exactly a week later as any nits (lice eggs) that might have been left would have hatched in the meantime.  3/4 of the bottle for the mother and 1/4 for the kid!  or contact your doctor for exact details and suggestions pertaining to it.

I would suggest visiting a doctor rather than the over-the-counter lice drugs available, considering it is a medicated preparation and nothing un-supervised should get into kid's eyes or system by any chance.

Repeat the exact routine and keep watching closely for re-infestation...!!!


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