Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Extremes of Constipation

It is quite natural for the kids to have constipation in early phases of life but one should ensure that it does not become a habit.  Good potty habits and food habits are must.  As we focus on nutrition intake for the kid, we also need to ensure that the toxic wastes get out of the body regularly and without much strain.

If it is a severe problem, like too much of straining happening in spite of all dietary measures, fiber intake, water intake and all the home remedies then please consult the doctors and ensure that at least stool softeners or laxatives are given.

Too much of straining and constipated state might result in rectal prolapse, though not really common in kids and toddlers and not a very painful condition is really scary.

So, MOMS, please ensure the kid does potty regularly, do not panic in the infant and newborn stage but once a toddler, ensure that you do everything possible to see that the stool passage and frequency is good and not a painful thing to the kids.

Also, when there is any condition diagnosed in the kid, please do not hesitate to take a second opinion and if need be third and then narrow down on the treatment.

Courtesy:  A concerned mom. Thank you C for giving me the heads up and asking me to write it here.!

I hope my sweet P baby grows out of it soon.

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