Sunday, June 17, 2012

ISP - Online Better Parenting Sessions - Rush!!

Extremely sorry for the late heads up guys,

Sri RaviJi, one from the first couple practicing SSY, Raviji and Gayathri Ma, has enabled us an online session featuring ISP for 9 weeks between 7 and 9 p.m. IST on Saturdays.

Dear wonderful parents of beautiful children!
We just started the new batch of ISP online classes on Saturday, i.e. 9th June 2012. We sent invitations to you from I am not sure if you have noticed it!
Take this opportunity to give the best to your child!
Your child is growing faster than we imagine! What you cannot give now, cannot be given later easily!
With concern for your child, we remind you the last chance to join the present batch of ISP online course.
Be positive and offer your greatest gift to yourself and the child - ISP- Art of Joyful parenting!

M: 07569261234
M: 09392444251
Magicjack: 321-420-9091

The session had actually started on 9th June but for the sake of new entrants, we had a repeat introductory Session yesterday too 16, June 2012.

So, there is still chance for you to get into the program rather than wait up for the next chance.

HURRY NOW.. I have got some wonderful reviews and notes for the ISP posts done by Rekha here, so the parents really interested in one on one interaction and the course by the Guru himself, it is a golden chance, considering he is coming to her homes through WizIQ learning/web sessions.

The payment amount varies between India and US.. for parents in India it is 6,600 rs/-, the ISP course material would be sent home and due to shipping variance, the price for overseas is a bit more which needs to be confirmed over the phone.  Payment mode is money transfer through ICICI bank details that will be provided over the phone or Paypal which again can be gotten over the phone with the Guruji himself.

My experience with online class
Since I live in a remote area in AP, I have no option of attending any such courses or sessions but this one has been God sent and ever since Rekha suggested me this one and also my friends Bindu and Suraj practised it on their kid, I was like I must do this!!! I want my kid to have that kind of a parenting too, let me better myself as a person and a parent and experience that ecstatic feeling firsthand and enjoy my kid thoroughly!!!

The introduction to the thought of having a child, the way we want her/him to be as an adult or grow up, the reason we need to let them be, the priorities of what is what?  Why and When should we do What and Why and what we should not.  Yes, we know the best, but a little guidance wont really hurt.

IT was my first session with Wiziq, the master was in a panel through his webcam on the screen with an interactive window open below for us to type in our comments.  We can hear him and see him but unless we are given mike rights we wont be able to speak to him but interaction is through chat window which he responds to immediately... like there are questions posed to us by him and we type in there, we have queries, we put them forward and he replies.

There was a bit of lag maybe due to my connectivity but it was just right, no reason to complain.

The home plays (things to be practiced during this week at home) are
Vision - Writing down our vision for the kid on a sheet of paper along with the personality we have in mind while wanting him/her to be.
Say and Do - Running commentary of what we are doing, what is happening around him/her, talking and interacting and listening.
Talking in Sleep - Talking to the kid in her/his sleep, curing the kid, letting the kid know of something in that semi-sleep state (whispering clearly in the ear in a soothing voice) after the kid goes to sleep.

I had fun and knowledge dissemination, if you want to be there... pls. be there... not just for the heck of it but to reform your own self, understanding parenting as a concept as a study as an art and not just a mere responsibility.

and YES, we can replicate what guruji says here, like how Rekha has done it wonderfully for us or me after going through the session in my own words, my experiences but that was all when we had no such option of guruji doing it for us.. but Guruvu nerpina vidyani minchinadi inkoti untundaa?.. when we have him teaching it to us, learning from him is a different thing altogether.

The session happens completely in English, so regional/local language is not a barrier... 

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