Friday, March 29, 2013

Normal Pregnancy Diet - 2000 Calories

2000-calorie diet plan

Just after waking up
4 biscuits or a banana.

Breakfast -- 3 idlis with sambar/2 dosas with sambar/1 boiled egg with 2 slices of whole wheat bread/1 bowl poha/1 bowl upma.

1 hour gap -- Milk with 8 to 10 soaked almonds (de skinned)

1.2/1 hour gap -- 1 fruit (restrict papaya, pineapple) or a glass of fresh squeezed juice.
-- 1 bowl salad
1 bowl rice/2 chapatis with 1/2 bowl rice
1 katori dal/sambar/2 pcs of chicken
2 katori veg
1 katori curd

mid meal snack - mix nuts of all types in a bowl, non-roasted badam/pista/walnut/dates/kismis etc.. 5 of each.. or anything you like to eat like carrot/apple/fruit pieces..

Evening Snack -- palak soup/mix veg soup (home made).

1/1.5 hours -- 4 multigrain biscuits/whole wheat biscuits/sprouted moong/anything with besan in it

1 hour later -- fruit..

Dinner -- same as lunch...

Bedtime -- 1 glass milk with honey..

Keep drinking lots of water or fresh fruit juices without adding sugar.  Small quantities at smaller intervals is the key.


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