Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids and TV/Laptop

Yet another excerpt from the previous discussion is on the screen time and Laptop/ipad/computer - Internet time..

Kids as they grow older, they get to know new things from friends and TV ofcourse good/bad what ever . The curiosity which they have since childhood regarding many things remains the same... They want to know what is it...
 1) kids should never be allowed to use laptops or desktops in their rooms. They should be in the living rooms right from the beginning.
 2) there are many softwares in the market to block those sites and also help with the keyword search.
3) if they are on computers please keep communicating with them all the time making sure they are not diverting and if possible help them by being with them like if they are playing any games be with them encourage them or play with them etc.. If they are studying try to involve yourself with them leaving behind all your work.

Courtesy:  Sailaja C.

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