Sunday, October 4, 2009

ISP - Writing a Vision

Step 1
take a photograph of ur child or the type of baby u want for expecting mothers

select 10-12 points from the list of values CHECKED..which u feel are highest priorities for both of u( now checked ani enduku annante..manam value n idol raastamu kada

eg are strong like HANUMAN

ikkada strong is value n Hanuman is idol.....idol eppudu tappu it gives direction..hitler strong kaada..osama bin laden strong writing the correct idol is very imp....suppose visionary like narayan murthy anavacchu.....tomorrow the child may get chance to see him...n all..a live example before him)

Step 3
write down these ponts in letter sizeof 2-3 inch n decorate beautifully using ur creativity
Step 4
if u have more children

write separate vision...n read to thm daily....n preg valu read by keeping ur hand on the stomach... read twice..

once u
ayyinaaka..u can take individual A4/A3 paper write the values replacing U with I

eg I
u can make a book binded n read it to thm daily...below 2-3 yrs vallaki

ela ante write value first thn second page lo bomma related, malli next page lo next page lo bomma related ga..(may be u can keep the idol photyo or ur child exhibiting tht quality)..ala chesi oka book la cheyyandi..roju annam pettetappudu u show it..

next once above 3 yrs replace I with WE

eg We are ........ like ..............

ila cheyyadam vall u are idening the scope from u to we ..self to all nenu...manam..anadaramu ane feeling ivvali

ammo ivvala chaala type chesaanu.....repu malli say n do cheptaanu...

ammayilu if u have doubts cheppandi..i will ask them n answer u...i was really joyed by attending this program...

nenu naa vision raayadam ayyindi..sunday nenu ameki pedataanu..naa account tht u alla can have idea how to do...but now start writing values n respective idols.....

Courtesy: Rekha Satish

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