Friday, October 2, 2009

Dont Blame Yourself For Bottle Feeding


but milk entha try chesina raani varu matuku emi chestharu they had to depend on bottle feeding ye kadha as there's no other option
meeru cheppindhi informative ga undhi but at the same time delivery ayyaka milk raani valla sangathi teesukuntey bhayam kuda vesthundhi endukantey ikkada chaala mandhi pregnant unnaru nd they can't tell before itself whether they can produce milk or not ani
so ala delivery ayyaka milk produce cheyaleni varu mundhey valla pillaliki ear infections or constipation probs arise avuthayi ani oohinchukuntu depress ayye chances unnayi
milk vasthu bf cheyani vallani thelisi chesey thappuki evaru emi analemu as adhi valla karma

in my case nenu khyati ki just 2months bf cheyagaliganu as milk stopped producing after 2months i tried all sort of things to increase the milk but i must say its fate
it depends on luck sometimes ani kuda chepochu inspite of trying
so from 2nd month onwards khyati started bottle feeding nd i can say am the live example to say that khyati dint face any sort of problems u mentioned till now
touchhhhhhhhhh woodddddddddd

thanaki nenu uptil 2yrs bottle fed chesanu nd thanaki eppudu constipation gaani ledha ear infection or indigestion alanti probs eppudu face cheyaledhu

thanaki health related probs eppudu raledhu not even cold except that thanu ippudu school velthunappati nunchi pakka pillaliki cold vachi thanaki chesthundhi nd vaccines ichinappudu kuda naku thelisi just 2times ye fever vachindhi

thanu eppudu fridge lo aaduthundhi nd snow appudu kuda daily cycle ride chesthu snow tho chaala sepu aadukunedhi but eppudu cold cheyaledhu

really touch wood thana health vishayaniki vasthey matuku
so tell everybody to bf but dont say that kids who r bottle fed will face these probs as no two children r the same

Response 2
No No.. nothing to be hurt at all. You have covered valid ground too. In fact if you see the end of my post, you would see that I was talking about the other angle too but did not elaborate on it.

Like you, I could unfortunately breast-feed my baby just for a couple of months.. adi kooda completega kaadu, she used to have formula on and off when I felt she might not have had enough of milk from me.

But to tell you honestly, immediately after the delivery, call it postpartum depression or stress or whatever, the problems I had with BF were too much to bear. In fact, my mother even suggested the doctor to go for injections to stop the milk as I was having high fevers and going through hell a lot of pain with nurses manually expressing milk.. but still when I persisted and hunted out for an electric breast pump and then gradually was able to feed her, it was a real nice feeling, even if it was for a short period.. so my post was for those who might have same issues, like latching on and stuff and might get disheartened... I still feel naaku pump late cheyyadam moolana I could not lactate completely ani, just wanted to pass it on to others :)...

US contextlo ee ibbandulu raakapovacchu because of ready availability of pump and lactation experts, etc., but ikkada evaru undaru... I still get goosebumps thinking about Nipple Shield use... :(

Response 3
nenu kuda face chesa chaala
like khyati puttina ventaney jaundice vachi 3days incu lo undhi nd naku emo c-section so nenu sariga bf cheyalekapoya as andaru moms incu ki velli valla babies ki bf chesi vachevaru nd nenemo vellalekapoyedanni nd vallu emo time ki pampinchevaru kadhu bottle feed chesesevaru adagakunda nd naku evaru ala express chesi bf cheyi ani assalu cheppaledhu so theera khyati ki bf chesey time ki baa express chesi chesi evo konchem vachevi nd doctor nipple shield petti ivvamantey khyati assalu thagedhi kadhu
discharge ayi vachaka tablets ani inka evevo anni try chesa but of no use
naku assalu thelidhu kuda khyati 1st 3days lo vachey colustrum kuda thagindho ledho

Response 4
nenu chesina post lo nenu mention chesanu clearly... use bottle only if it is nearly impossible to breast feed.. ani..
which means,BF cheyyatam kudarakapotene bottle vadamani...ante kani bottle bad ani kadu.. so mee case lo meeru try chesaka rakapotene bottle icharu ..
also , all botle fed babies ki ear infections etc vastayani.nenu analedu.... these infections are more incident in bottle fed babies...

@all expectant mothers... and mothers to be..
my post was to positively motivate and not to say bottle feed is bad...
manam munde enduku anukovatam? breast milk ravemo ani... we shud think positively like, i can breast feed, i trust my body... ila positive affirmations chesukondi...
also.. there is a powder called ''GALACT' available in all medical stores... (in india).. this i used when milk reduced in my third month of secnd baby.. and it promotes milk production in us.. it helps ...iddariki nenu one and half yrs ichi wean chesanu..
manasulo anumanalu , negative thoughts pettukovaddu.. ravemo milk, vachina chalavemo ilanti thoughts asalu vaddu...our body is intelligent and equipped to provide nutrition to the little one.. so have faith, and asalu kudaraka pote formula undane undi... we can fall back on it... what i meant was formula shud be last resort....

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