Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bottle Warmer

I had to formula-feed the baby and personally did not use one and do not prefer that too even when traveling maybe helpful when traveling longer distances. I use a flask or thermos, boil the water to a little hotter than luke-warm heat and then fill it in the flask. Before preparing each formula-feed, I take the water from the flask, mix it and use it. Simple and also I personally do not like heating water using electricity for the kid (purely personal option). If there is no choice fine, but when there is go for normal heating is my fundaa..

Bottle Warmers Recommendations/Reviews

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bottle warmer

Response 2
As for bottle warmer I used it only for my breast milk. Abba..naaku adhey chaala suthi anipinchindhi...i will either be too hot or too cold..right temp raadu :(

Formula start chesaka..I stopped using warmer completely. Night times lo Thermos lo right temp water fill chesi pettukunta...inka night Maadhav legisthey...just pour water and stir in the formula..anthey,,,done!

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