Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mouth Sores/Ulcers/Chaalas (Hindi)

First and Foremost, if the baby is bottle-feeding, see if it is time to change the nipples, see if the cleansing/sterilizing is being done properly, or if it is time to change the bottle altogether.

It might be oral thrush as well, so please do not neglect if the problem persists or worsens even with ensuring absolute sterilization.

Also, of note, please see to it that the temperature of the bilk is optimum, just about the right, lukewarm, not really hot, so that the tongue is not burnt.

When Sreya first got affected by this, I was scared, because the mouth was suddenly so red and with her sucking it all the time, the situation was getting worse. For once, I was scarde

Responses from Others

Notlo Bobbalu… chaala (Hindi), nooru pooyadam, mouth sores

Chala in mouth is due to indigetion or inner heat. Give mishri + sounf powder mixed in water or dry as the patiant like. Useful for childs /adults

Chalas: Give coconut to the child...Raw coconut has to be chewed properly...It works very well

  • Apply butter in the area where there are chalas...
  • For chalas...mix a drop of honey with turmeric...and apply on works wonders...also keep b complex and folic acid drops son's ped prescribed b-folcin...and it healed in just 1 day...
  • I guess, "Chala" here means the sores that we get at the angles of our mouth or ulcer tongue! Right!?


And someone said that a vitamin supplement did the trick.

Actually, these ulcers are a result of vitamin deficiency that pops-up sometimes. Though there are many other reason too.

So, a good nutrient or preferably a supplement for few days should be enough.

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