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Traveling With Infants

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1. Dont trust anyone for taking care of the baby.. Take a summer stroller so that you can take ur baby inside the rest room... that is safer than handing over the baby to someone..

2. Take tylenol, Banana boat (which will be very handy in this summer - sunscreen lotion for the baby)...

3. As u cannot take liquids, take formula box small open without opening it... once the checking is done get some normal water, mix it, give it then and there and throw the rest.. they are real strict about this liquid stuff...

4. If your baby has started taking GERBER food, do have some 6-7 bottles for the journey and probably 10-20 bottles for india.. incase initially they find difficult to adjust with our food there.. this is gonna b of real use to you.

5. I am not sure how comfortable your kid will b in diapers there.. these days u get pampers and huggies brand there.. but still it wld b better if you can carry around 60 -100 diapers for the local travel there .. u might not be sure whether he will b ok with the local diapers there and how much he will b comfortable with the underware stuff there...

6. Dont carry moisturizer with the diaper bag.. they will throw that too.. keep all those stuff in checkin bag.. just a small bottle of tylenol for the travel shld b enuf.. if your baby is cranky, just give tylenol and he might sleep thruout the journey.. dnt forget to close his ears thru takeoff and landing.. he might get ear pain too....

7. You can get some fancy dress for your baby, get some caseroles if u dont have.. coz later with your baby around, u might not b able to cook hot things and eat... whichever indian vessel comfy in your place, bring that.. but not too heavy stuff...

Response 2

1. Just carry diapers for the flight....crry a lot..coz babies usually need to b changed every 3 hrs during tht they feel comfortable n dont start crying..
U get these diapers in india..pampers n huggies..most of the sizes..
u also get somethign called nappy pads..they r like nappies which u can stick to hte underwear. this is more comfortable as its more airy n suited for indian humid n hot climate.
2. No, we do not get formula in india...U hav to take ur Enfamil arnd 4-5 cans of them..coz the ones u get in india(lactogen or nan) arnt of the same composition as enfamil or any other formula available here.
Reg. food jars, they r available there..but very expensice, arnd 80-90rs for a single jar.
so tak them from here..but u can mash veggies or dal there..n giv them fresh to babies. Cereals r fine..the ones u get in india r really good..u get lotf variaties there..lik dal, spinach, fruits n veggies (in cerelac)
3. in the plane, u will b given a front seat..where there will b a bassinet attached to the front wall..(a small bed lik thing) for the baby to sleep in.
But most babies lie there only to baby dont sit there wen he was i had to keep him in my lap.:((
But to avail this facility u hav to inform the agent while booking( they charge u arnd 10% for infants) n also let them know while checking in( tell them u need a front seat too, better chk in early..coz i went late .n had a problem)..or else all the bassinets will b booked n u might b left with none..
4. there is a changing place in the lavatory...dont worry..just tak tak a diaper n a bxo of wetty wipes to the loo with u..dont carry the entire there is very little plac ein the loo..
5. things u need to tak
a. a box of wetty ones, the on-the-go ones, tht weigh less
b. a box of tissues
c. 2 bottles
d. arnd 6 gerber food jars (they r allowed)
e. do not carry any liquid..not even water or formula..not allowed..instead carry the on-the-go enfamil packets..u will need to tak as many packets as ur baby drinks for 2 days. u can get hot water in any of the cofee shops in the sirports or in the flight itself..
f. hav atleat 3-4 change of clothign for baby
g. atleast 2-3 change of tops for they r bound to get dirty with constantly carrying the baby
h. tak the stroller with u...they will b useful in the transit n all places except in the flight...they r really useful..beleive me...
i. take few toys for him..

i guess thts it..
Response 3
1. Do we need to carry diapers from here or we get in India also (Similar or better)
---> I had carried diapers from here. But I had to buy a few in India towards the end of my trip. You will get diapers there. The quality is not as good as of those we buy here. They are a bit expensive too.

2.Do we need to carry formula ,food Jars or we get in India also (Similar or better)
---> Its a good idea to carry formula from here. Even though you can change to whole milk after the kid turns 1, its important that during this transition the kid gets the food which he is really used to. I had carried formula for the whole trip. After my kid turned 1 in India, I started him off on cow milk in addition to formula. I alternated between cow milk and formula. And when I came back, I alternated between formula and whole milk, gradually changing completely to whole milk.

3. Where will d baby sit/sleep in the plane?do we have to always put her inthe lap?
---> I had gone by air India and they had given me a bassinet for my kid. Even though preference will be given to a baby around 6 months of age, the airlines do give older kids a bassinet if there are extra.

4. How do we change diapers in th plane?I never saw a changing station?
---> One bathroom (located at the rear of the plane in my case) is a little bigger compared to the others and does have a changing station. Its will not be comfortable, but thats the best option available.
5. What other factors I need to consider while travelling?
---> Most important would be to ask your baby's doctor if you kid needs to get any shots specially for this trip. Also while landing and take off, give you baby something to suck on (juice, water, milk), the sucking action will help to get rid of / lower the air pressure in the kids ear.

6. What stuff do u suggest is a must while travelling wid d baby?
---> His favorite toys (special blanket or stuffed animal), favorite snack, medicines (should be handy).

Response 4
What other factors I need to consider while travelling?

1) Make sure you travel light - you dont want to regret in the middle of your journey that your backpack is too heavy.
2) Do not overload baby stuff - you do have fall back options available for diapers & formula in India, just in case what you carried is not sufficient.
3) Let your pediatrician know about your travel plans & discuss vaccination (depends on how long you are in India)

What stuff do u suggest is a must while travelling wid d baby?

1) Baby medication such as infant tylenol, motrin, diaper rash cream etc
2) Change of clothes for you and your baby
3) Some surprise toys which your baby has not played with earlier
4) Disposable feeding bottles or drop-ins
5) A foldable changing pad
6) Carry an umbrella stroller and not the regular one
7) Most of all, make sure you know whats where when you pack the bag so you can easily find it esp while your infant goes bonkers in the middle of the flight

Response 5

1. Do we need to carry diapers from here or we get in India also (Similar or better)
You do get pampers, huggies and other diapers there. If u buy Indian brand pampers, it is not nice at all. you have to look for the ones with arabic writings on it in bigger shops, they are just like the one in US. it amounts to the same price as here. may be Rs.100 more than what we spend here.
2.Do we need to carry formula ,food Jars or we get in India also (Similar or better)
It is better to carry food jars. but ofcourse you get those too over there and also u might be trying fresh veggies and fruits boiled and mashed at home. since she will be 10 months, u can even feed her nicely ground solid food.
3. Where will d baby sit/sleep in the plane?do we have to always put her inthe lap?
Make sure u ask for bassinet when u check in. it is better to go a little earlier than usual so that u can claim the bassinet before anybody else does. Preference will be given to younger children or first come basis. while take off and landing u will be asked to hold the baby in your hands. a special belt will be provided which u attach in yours and they will show u how.
4. How do we change diapers in th plane?I never saw a changing station?
there are specially marked restroom with baby changing station signs. there are atleast one on each class. so don't worry. it will also be clearly marked inside the restroom with a picture.u just pull out the tray and put it back when u are done.

5/ 6. What other factors/things I need to consider while travelling?
U could have readymade similac bottles for ur ease. some bottle foods, incase ur flight gets delayed anywhere, use ziplocs to carry medicine, bibs, extra pair of dress, baby powder and lotion.I have a check list that i use during travel. if u need it let me know, i can send it to u. A brand new toy that ur child has never seen and a most familiar toy will get past during cranky times. take a lollipop or a bottle to give the baby to suck to
ease the ear pain during take off and landing.
Courtesy: IHM

Another response
You have to specify that you are traveling with an infant. Generally, the ticket price would be 10-25% of the adult ticket. And they would allow upto 23lb check in luggage, a diaper bag + stroller to carry on. Please mention the age of your kid and request for bassinet. They would provide it depending on the first come first serve basis and only upto certain weight/age limit.

If you are travelling alone with the kid, make sure to carry easy hand luggage, like a back pack. Also, the most important to pack is the hand luggage first. Cross check atleast 10 times, to verify if everything was with u in hand luggage. Also, carry some quick bites during the plane for u, as u guys have to be energetic enough!!

Regarding the packed luggage, it depends on each of you. I preferred the diapers we get here than the ones in india. Also, my son didn't eat rice and dal during that time, so had to rely on gerbers a lot.... I missed the humidifier a lot....wipes, bibs etc have many alternatives over there...still, its ur preference....

Also, girls better to travel during the non busy days. It will be nice to have a vacant seat beside!! Make sure you get the seats with more leg room. Book in advance.

I was carrying him on my lap all through the journey. Feeding him over the lap was little tough for me. I had to change two planes(from austin to detroit, to amsterdam, to hyd) with four hour break.. I let him play on the carpeted floor and he was very happy to crawl :) I did the diaper change, fed him, wiped his body, changed his clothes during this break. So, he slept most part of the flight journey.

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