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ISP - First Class

ISP first class details

First ask urselves --wht do u want ur child to be?

for eg.---

if u say--doctor ( it means 'U' had decided tht the child should be a doctor)
if u say-- whtever he want provided he is a gud human

in first case u have curbed the freedom of child by deciding wht he shuld second case u are not clear abt the defination of gud human.....allowing ur child to decide whtever he wants is a wonderful thought, but u have to be a guiding force in the childs life.....wht ever it is both answers are lop-sided in their own way

the key is EXPOSURE....the child experiences all kinda of activities..left n right brain oriented activities(academics,music,sports,art,etc). the second n most important is imparting of values n sanskaras...for this u need to follow so tht he follows u.

wht do u want ur child to be?..shuld be very clearly defined in ur own shuld be written black n white, in short sentences(positive present tense)along with the picture of ur child (integral part of ISP)..this is called " VISION" for ur child.the same short sentences can be spoken to the child in sleep n thus reinforced.

for eg(who have new born children-3yrs)
u can start like this..

DEAR.....(ur baby name)
U are silent like buddha
u are strong like hanuman
u are clever as birbal

write like this 30 visions

here u are giving freedom to select whtever the child would like to be..we are not conditioning or limiting the child by setting a boundary.

take a photograph of ur child ..write down the vision in 2-3 inches of letter sixe n decorate it.

for pregnant write the same...keep ur hand on the stomach n read loudly the visiond daily for 3-4 times..and the same father also shuld do...

now why is this vision important.....

vision is for everyone n longterm.....
suppose nenu meku oka seed icchanu..ela describe chestaaru.

smooth/rough/brown color, apple/guava/....seed, oval/round/....,pointed.elongate,so on avunaa.......but can u vision this n number of trees....
thts why we need to write vision to ur child.....oka example cheptaanu

suppose mee child tells u nenu richshaw pull chestaanu peddayyaka ni...meeremantaaru.....just think.......

ledhu nuvvu peddayyaka doctor avvali, on cheptaaru..n also tellu baaga chadavakapothe rickshwa pull chestaru ani..avunaa]

but can u imagine one mother told sare ra u pull the rickshaw u know how grt the mother is to tell..enti surprise naa grt anannu ani....emanindo telusaa a mother...she said tappakundaa nuvvu pull chedduvu....aa srikrishnudu anatai vaade radhasarathi ga vundi direstion chupinchadu lokaniki..nuvvu kuda allage chupistaavu direstion ani......she is none but swamy vivekananda mother..she had a vision like tht..n child became tht....

jijabai...concieve ayinappudu cheppedi...moghuls antam cheyyali ani...wht did shivaji maharaj do?

concieve ayyina vallaki inka manchi chance ..ippudu..u are called as abhimanyu group..manam edi chepithe vallu ala absorb chestaaru(baby).....u can give a very good vision....

ila enduku chepthunnanu....manaki evaryna cheppara ivvani..ippudu manm kottga cheyyataaniki anukovacchu......manam sarriga peragaledaa..manam manchivallam kaada..manakivalues leva.....right ee doubt vundavacchu..

but earlier we had joint families....ippudu nuclear families....andaru vundatam valla we imbibe values easily....n ippudu only mom n dad...who dont have much time..wht will the child imbibe..manaki teliyadhu mana parents manaki kuda vision icchevaaru...ila kadanikondi..but guthundaa..padukovataaniki lali paatalu hindi lodi..chanda he thu..suraj he thu..ani.

wht is tht arent we giving him vision tht u are like sun.... . moon ani..enno stories cheppevaru..we used to imbibe values

how many of u sing those lullabies to ur child.....mana poorvam aa lullabies lo enno values vunnayi(to say naaku okati kuda raadu..evarykaina manchi site vunte cheppandi ..kacchitamga nerchukuntaanu).....vachina entamandi paadutaaru.....isint it...

normal ga oka infant edisthe em chestaaru meeru..just think before proceeding further...


emantaamu enduku edusthunnavi bujji edavaku..emindi kanna..edavaku edavaku..n all
isint it...wht u want the child to do adi cheppara....edavaku..vaadiki vinipinchindi enti..edavaku.......before explaining this......close ur eyes n try to imagine wht i said under....

entamandi blue chsaaru......most of u would kada.... mari meeru baby ki edavaku ani cheppinappudu vaademi wise manam pillaliki adicheyyadu..adicheyyadu antaamu kada..thy will try to do tht ONLY.......manam cheppinde kada vallu chesedi(this part i will tell whn i talk about SAY n Do)

so manam etuvanti visiuon istaamo vallu ala manifest avutaaru...we are just giving him direction to the same time we are not limitting him

Courtesy: Rekha Satish

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