Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cough and Cold Home Remedies

For Cough n Cold-of babies
Use Ajwaing leaves....Warm it on tava(roti maker) just 2 min...
Then press it with hands and extract juice of it. Give this to your kid once a day for 3 days. Not more than three days.
This will relieve your kid immensily.
Ajwain leaves are natural and safe. I give the same for my baby.
Also ajwain leaves are use for pakodas. They taste good.

Dry Cough :
My m-i-l says give grated ginger's juice mixed with honey 2 - 3 times a day...and on a regular basis to give honey every morning...may be you can try that..

Have you tried feeding warm water from time to time ? It might soothe the throat.

giving water boiled with tulsi, pepper corns n some jeera is good.. it eases throat infection as well as keeps the stomach clear.

jaggery 2tbsp,black pepper powdered-2tsp,ginger grated-1 tbsp,water-1 cup.boil all the ingredients to a thick it in an air tight jar.when having sore throat add one tspn of concoction to 1 cup of warm milk bfore going to bed.

dry cough
Does anyone know any home remedy for dry cough for a 3 yr old

Give him Ghee/butter with food. Extra Ghee/butter will smooth the throat.

If coughing, give jaggery.

Response 2
heat some cloves and grind them to fine powder.add a pinch of it into 1tsp of honey and give to your gives good relief.

response 3
some honey in warm water.

response 4
Give some karakkaaya with milk... karakkaaya ani aragadeesi paallallo kalipi chinna spoonlo pattinchaali.

grind the nut, mix it with a spoonful of milk and give it to the kid.


  1. Would like to add some inputs through my personal exp...

  2. -a drop of eucalyptus oil if applied on their nose helps cold. apply when they are sleeping

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  4. 'Give him Ghee/butter with food. Extra Ghee/butter will smooth the throat.'

    Sree , I ve been under the impression not to give oil or oily food when there is cough. There are chances they may aspirate and develop pneumonia .

    Is it ok to give ghee ? just interested to know . Here it is the season for dry coughs . We are depending on luke warm tulsi water the most .

  5. hi Krishna, these are the remedies suggested by experienced moms who have put them to practice and got results. I personally have never tried this one, so not much help here.

    When there is phlegm I do not stop ghee but I lessen the normal quantity that I give to her.