Sunday, October 4, 2009

ISP - Talking In Sleep

whn the child retires to sleep...he first enters into a state of alpha the child is just free from all thoughts.this is the best time to talk to ur child to get benifits.....

after the child goes to sleep, for the first 10 mins, u talk to the child in a positive present tense...this can be used in different ways which would benifit ur child

1) Any habits which u would like to to free ur child from like bed-wetting,thumb sucking or any behavioural problems can be talked about in the sleep in a positive present tense

2) YOu can also give the vision n the sanskara's in sleep. all the values u want ur child to imbibe shuld be spoken in the will be inculcated for the life time

3) You can make your child listen to music in the sleep. the highest form of music is the indian classical vocal. any one particular raga should be played for 30 days. thn change to another raga. apart from this any info can be given, be it maths, tables, shlokas,mantras etc(will give u alist of music which can be played to the child)


this is a very effective method. list down all the problems u think your child has. take one problem at atime for eg. if he has cough thn u can say

--- you are strong and healthy
--- you are breathing freely
--- your chest and lungs are totally clear

Repeat this for 50-60 times WITH FEELINGS, for about 15mins after the child has gone to sleep.
here intense focus is given on tht particular area. it works like a laser beam which is used to cut the diamonds. continue for few days till u are saTisfied with the degree of change. you can thn focus on another problem

if problem of thumb sucking
--- you are strong and healthy
--- you will listen to my words
--- you will keep ur hands on ur side n sleep
--- your teeth are very gud

so on............ always positive present tense room for negativity

further any doubts adagandi

idi nenu practical ga chusanu work avvadam.....

Courtesy: Rekha Satish

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