Sunday, October 4, 2009

Infant Siddhi Samadhi Yoga

ISP---infant siddi samadhi yoga Programe
ninna ne first class..every sunday for 9 weeks i will have classes....
the class was amazing...

ISP- --------the art of parenting is an experiential workshop tht guides parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 yrs.
it deals with overall growth, development of the child covering the PHYSICAL, MENTAL,SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL areas. it also deals with imparting totall education to the child covering all the 5 elements of nature namely EARTH,WATER,FIRE,AIR,and SPACE.

to give u a brief idea....
Physical--making exercise a month baby crawling..n few on first day itself crawling.
Mental----making learning effortless
Social----developing childs interpersonal skills
Emotional---helping child to express his/her emotions
Spiritual---learn to be happy for no reason.

5 areas of education
Earth---expose ur child to the laws of the physical universe through flash cards(ee flash cards gurinchi class ayyinaaka will tell u how to do n use ..will tell both for pregnant n for new born vallaki kuda)
water---develop aesthetic sense through drama n arts

fire-- imbibe values of responsibility and sharing through techniques of natural discipline
air---raise the child in an atmosphere of love n compassion
Space---bring up ur child in an envt of freedom n happiness.

some facts:
you caN affect ur babys superior intelligence in the womb itself
ur child brain grows to 50%by the age of 4 yrs and to 80%by the age of 8 yrs n up to 5% for the rst of the life
ur child can read like an adult at the age of 3 yrs( idi nenu practical ga chusaanu..maa uncle valla kodalu vallu ee course chesaaru..n now the baby is 2.2 yrs n she can read 5 languages smoothly...)
ur child can learn 10 languages by the age of 4 yrs
ur child can master musical instruments n computer at the age og 3 yrs
children love discipline

ee course valla
how to learn from children rather thn teach thm
how to ......
how to raise child effortlessly
how to develop both sides of brain
how to develop e senses to its maximum
how to develop 8 types of intelligence

will tell what they taught us in 1st class ..konchem break taruvatha

Courtesy: Rekha Satish


  1. Dear Rekha Satish gaaru

    Thanks so much for posting Infant Siddha yoga online, I have done SSY and had missed doing ISP and think this is so valuable for people like me.

    with best wishes

  2. Meeru ichina website pani cheyatamledu:

    Please could you confirm the address of the website again.

    Thanks for your inspirational summary of the course. How was it?