Friday, October 2, 2009

Journey Precautions With Babies

1. Always feed your baby while take off and landing. Feeding can be bottle or breast. If the baby does not have the mood to take either of them try to give a pacifier.
2. Request for a bassinet. Make sure you get one, it would be lot helpful
3. Try to carry less hand luggage. I would suggest you not to carry a suitcase for hand luggage. Instead carry a very comfortable shoulder bag where you can put all your baby stuff and keep it at your legs in the plane so that you can pick whenever you want.
4. Do carry a stroller. The airlines take and give the stroller at entry of the plane
5. Carry some food for your self. This is must if you are breastfeeding.
6. Don't hesitate to ask help, either the airlines staff or co-travelers
7. Consult your pediatrician and take the list of vaccinations to be given in India.
8. Check your hand luggage at least 3 times before you start
9. I am not aware about water for formula milk, other moms can suggest
10. Meeku flight changes vunnayi kabatti, you can use the break time to change and freshen up the baby.

Courstesy: Lakshmi Kalyani

yeah..Stroller teesukuni vellachu but flight entrance lo chk incheyali anukunta

Also...make sure u get a seat with bassinet. And flight lo middlelo vachetadu choosuku nee seat...Coz venaka ekkuva jerks vuntaadi n kids throw up.

Take ample diapers...almost double the number u usually use. Take tylenol.

Flight take off and landing appudu feed air will not clog their ears...

Dress ur kid in layers coz warm ayithey u can remove layers instead of changing dresses.

If ur baby is on formula feed too, they will not allow water but flight lo piping hot water vuntaadi. Velinaventaney i used to pour it in a feeding time ki correct temp vuntadi. Else u can mix hot n room temp water.

If you are breastfeeding, ippatninchey just appudu formula ichey alavatu chey coz flight changing or travel appudu kudarakapothey u can give him a bottle...

Disposable diaper changing pads vuntaadi....adi kuda baa handy ga vundindi

Wet ones teesukuveli...they also sterlize the surface...So diaper change chestappudu, i wud clean the changing station with a wipe...spread the changing pad, lay my baby and thenchange his diaper...

Take couple of extra pairs of clothes for u and ur baby....In case of spit ups u canchange...

inka evaina strike avuthey cheptanu....but ppl will help u....dont worry....have a safe trip

Courtesy: Visa

---baby ki must n chould gaa feed chayyali landing appudu and also take off appudu atleast paalu reject chesina water ayinaa ivvali.
---Carry monkey cap and cotton handy take off and lannding appudu baby ears lo cotton petti monkey cap vesthy ears pai pressure vundadhu. Feeding chesinaa sarey ilaa chesthy it wl be better
---Carry a toy
---basinet cumpusory gaa votcheylaaa chusukondi
---Donot hesitate to ask help from air port personnel when u r in need
---yekkuva aa age babies padukuntaaru travel lo so meeku antha problem vundaka povacchu
---while transit meeru manage cheyyalenu anukuntey you can opt for assistance before hand thy wl take care of your luggage and youcan take care of babyand always you can do it as of then. Prior notice is not essential.

what to carry

---yentha thakkuva luggage aithy antha manchindhi, nenu oka cabin, diaper bag pattukunna. Diaper bag gaa nenu back pack thisukoni vella, chaala useful ga vundhi, meru passports, boarding pass alanti vaatiki oka chinna pouch pettukuntey inkaa useful. inkaa stroller allow chesthaaru but flight loki velley mundhu check in cheseyyali, because of its easiness to fold n carry while security check here, I took umbrella stroller.

----diaper bag meerey sardukondi yendukantey yeitems yakkada pettaro teliyaali so meeru easygaa thiyagalaru. items you have to carry in diaper bag
1.diapers(konchem yekkuvey)
2.formula (even if you are BF, carry one formula small tin, milk bottles )
3. ready to feed milk bottles for emergency sake
4. water( I guess thy al allow only lmtd quantity)
5. 2 -3 pairs of dresses for baby and one t shirt for you if u wear jeans(you can keep your t shirt in cabin bag if you carry)
6. Tylenol (must), thermometer
7. Pacifiers, Bib, wash cloths, Blanket(I used his own blankets)
8. I used to BF him then, I wrapped witha blanket thy gv around my shoulders n to feed him)
9. One more thing only just carry diaper and wipes to RR when you take him for diaper change, as the RR wl be conjusted you may not have enough space for entire diaper bag

10. Ask air hostess to look after him when you want to use RR
11. Take your food while he is sleeping.
12. Take lot of water if you are breastfeeding
13. dress him with a comfy one that keeps him warm
14. Ask your PED abt flu shot that thy suggest before you leave US. They gave Rithvik flu shot along with his vaccination
15. Make a list of vaccines that you need to gv him in India
16. Ask your PED abt a medicine that will generally suggest for babies to avoid harm keep against mosquito bites, our PED suggested to take a medicine for Rithvik once a week i guess (1/8 of a tablet) but we didnt give him that medicine and managed to have musquito mesh at every place we went and moisturisers all the time will also help you.
17. Please drink only mineral water during your stay(I guess you knowthis).
inkaa update chesthaa gurthochi nappudu

Courtesy: Ramya

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