Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feeding Bottles

I use Ventair bottles which are made of BPA free material, and the shape of which is similar to breast feeding and supposedly helps reduce ear infections and gas formation in the baby due to its shape, the shape of the bottle is different and the also there are no air bubbles in the bottle which might be gulped by the baby.. I swear by it and the cleaning part is so easy with it being two sides open.. my recommendation, but there might be other good options too check out!!

which ones to buy narrow mouth or wide mouth ?
narrow one
wide one

Response 1
Wide size is normally for babies who are weaning from BF to bottles. The wide nipple would resemble a mother's nipple, so most kids adapt to it easily.

So if you are gonna BF first and then move to bottle...I wud suggest wide neck bottles. the transition time would be much lesser.

First I bought a standard Dr.Brown's for my kid but he dint adapt to bought a playtex wide necked for him.

But what works for one baby might not work for another....Itz all abt trial n error :)

Best bet is a wide necked bottle!

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