Friday, October 2, 2009

Ear Infection

maa papa ki 2 n 1/2yrs.thanaki prathisari ear infection vasthundhi.1st pediatrition ki chupisthe v have been to ENT DR,but still thaggatledu.infection thaggina malli vasthundhi.thanu vurike ear lo finger petti rub chestundhi adi aviod cheyyatam kastam avuthundhi.entha try chesina vintam ledhu.i use cotton while bathing her.medicines use chesi visugu vachesindhi, shes a very gud gal anni vintundhi kani nidharlo matram ear lo finger pettesthundi.any solution u gals can suggest

Response 1
ear infection ante choopinchalsinde nandi... kaani vallaki cheptu undali , velu pettakudadu chevilo ani... papam artham kadu vallaki but still cheppali...

Response 2
maa vaadiki kuda winter vathey chaalu ear infection vachestadi.
Hez on bottle. so doc inka kurchopetti paalu ivamantaru bottle lo. Am doing that.
Main ga..vaadiki cold vachina ventaney we avoid taking him out anywhere...Kodiga crowded places ki velthey day he will be down with ear infection. Oka course antibiotics vesthey set avtaadi. Vaalaki discomfort lekunda tylenol ichedaani.
Ear infection vasthey ventaney doc deggara teesukuvellandhi..that is th ebest...

Response 3
same prob anddi maa papa thokuda, kodhi ga bayyataki velthe chaalu infection vachesthondi.inka as u said infection ragane doc daggariki vellatam best emmo.
vurike buds tho ear clean cheyyamantundhi.doc emo ala vurike cheyyodhu ani annaru.
doc daggariki thisuku velthe thane clean chestharu.
someone told me that if chinnapudu ear infection vasthe adhi konni years varaki alage vasthundhi ani. is it true aa anddi????

Response 4
ear infection gurinchi ee link lo info undi chudandi

Response 5
this is another article...
copy paste chestunna...

Prevention of ear infections in children ...
Some factors associated with the development of ear infections can't be changed (such as family history of frequent ear infections), but certain lifestyle choices can minimize the risk for kids:

breastfeed infants for at least 6 months to help to prevent the development of early episodes of ear infections. If a child is bottle-fed, hold the infant at an angle rather than allowing the child to lie down with the bottle.
prevent exposure to secondhand smoke, which can increase the frequency and severity of ear infections
reduce exposure, if possible, to large groups of other kids, such as in child-care centers. Because multiple upper respiratory infections may also lead to frequent ear infections, limiting exposure may result in less frequent colds early on and, therefore, fewer ear infections.
both parents and kids should practice good hand washing. This is one of the most important ways to decrease person-to-person transmission of the germs that can cause colds and, therefore, ear infections.
keep children's immunizations up-to-date, because certain vaccines can help prevent ear infections
Also be aware that research has shown that cold and allergy medications, such as antihistamines and decongestants, aren't helpful in preventing ear infections.

hope it helps..

Response 6
this is another link..

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