Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Tickets/Travel Tips

Baby tickets funda ento cheppandi plz. I want to buy my tickets today or tomorrow.
6 month old ki ticket teesukovala and luggage enta teesukovachu
Response 1
You have to specify that you are travelling with an infant. Generally, the ticket price would be 10-25% of the adult ticket. And they would allow upto 23lb check in luggage, a diaper bag + stroller to carry on. Please mention the age of your kid and request for bassinet. They would provide it depending on the first come first serve basis and only upto certain weight/age limit.
If you are travelling alone with the kid, make sure to carry easy hand luggage, like a back pack. Also, the most important to pack is the hand luggage first. Cross check atleast 10 times, to verify if everything was with u in hand luggage. Also, carry some quick bites during the plane for u, as u guys have to be energetic enough!!

Regarding the packed luggage, it depends on each of you. I preferred the diapers we get here than the ones in india. Also, my son didn't eat rice and dal during that time, so had to rely on gerbers a lot.... I missed the humidifier a lot....wipes, bibs etc have many alternatives over there...still, its ur preference....

also, be prepared to hear lots of unwanted advice/comments from family, relatives and friends. Be strong, you know what's good for your child.

Have a nice trip :) Let it be a memorable for both of u:)

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