Friday, October 2, 2009


Constipation among infants and newborns in a common problem, more so if the baby formula fed.

Straining or mukkadam when passing stool is also very common. It is because the newborn's anal muscles are not fully formed and the posture (lying flat on the tummy) also is not helping the cause, so the baby cries out of irritation, pain, discomfort. A baby's face might even turn deep red due to the extreme straining, it is difficult to see but is common.

As a new parent, it is tough for the parent to see the kid crying unable to pass the stool, but dont worry, the phase will pass soon and by the month end or a couple of months everything will be set right.

Stone pellet stool, like goat shit or tight stool is also normal if the baby is formula fed. We need to make sure the right amount of water and formula are mixed.

What to give
**apple sauce.
**pear juice/pear fruit.
**prune juice.
**If formula fed, try giving a little warm water mixed with the formula as it would help moving the bowels.

Tips for constipation
* Rub lukewarm coconut oil on the tummy.
*apply castor oil to beetle leaf and warm it a little and apply on the tummy.
*In India, doctors suggest giving a little lukewarm water.
*If formula fed, check the time of formula if it is soy-based or milk based and changing it might work, but do it only after consulting with the pediatrician.
*Put a towel dipped in lukewarm water on the tummy.
*soak raisins overnight in water and feed the water to the baby.
*massaging the baby twice a day before the bath, cycle motion of legs of the baby would really help.
*vaamu/ajwain mixed in water and boiled (very little vaamu) and making the kid drink water is said to be good for digestion.
*For constipation, try giving fresh fruit - BANANA or ORANGE, but not recommended for kids below 8 months of age. It works wonders !!
*Also apply some CASTOR OIL on the baby's belly button and the anus.
*Immerse the baby's bottom in lukewarm water for a while.

Give the kid some honey, it does help in some cases. -- courtesy Hemalatha.

It is absolutely okay not to poop for 48 to 72 hours at a stretch. If the baby is not straining and is generally happy and has normal routine behavior. But if the kid is straining but it is not happening then dipping the earbud in vaseline and inserting in the bottom would help.

Do not try soap enemas to the infants/newborns as they would have pain when passing stool afterwards even if it works really well.

Consult your doctor and take his tips as well and do update here if there is anything new found.

Also, when starting solids and introducing new foods, there is bound to be a change in stool pattern, consistency, and frequency as well, so do not worry if there is a potty break or an overactive potty session, just watch out but no alarm bells.

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