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Home Remedies

This is a thread for home remedies for common ailments in children.Each one of us inherit different tips from our elders which work wonderfully.Do share them here so that others also can follow them and avoid unnecessary medication.

Let me start with one from my grandmother:

when your child complaints of common stomach ache,
give them a teaspoonful of undisturbed fresh curds with 10-12 fenugrik (menthi) seeds on top... the same for motions too in adults though... works wonders


jaggery 2tbsp,black pepper powdered-2tsp,ginger grated-1 tbsp,water-1 cup.boil all the ingredients to a thick it in an air tight jar.when having sore throat add one tspn of concoction to 1 cup of warm milk bfore going to bed.


for babies who r suffering from cold may not have a comfortable sleep at night,to bring in comfort apply nilgiri oil in a napkin n place it bside the baby's"pillow".the baby will b inhaling the oil thru the night n will b comfortable.

For Colic-Stomach pain

Heat a little milk , a spoonful and add Hing ,one pinch, in it.

Put this paste 2 drops in belly and apply this hot paste on tummy.

Helps releasing gas and relieves tummy pain

To know if infant is suffering from tummy pain

If baby is crying a lot, try pressing her tummy if she folds her leg then its tummy pain.

dry cough

Does anyone know any home remedy for dry cough for a 3 yr old

Give him Ghee/butter with food. Extra Ghee/butter will smooth the throat.

If coughing, give jaggery.

Response 2
heat some cloves and grind them to fine powder.add a pinch of it into 1tsp of honey and give to your gives good relief.

response 3
some honey in warm water.


My Ped told to give, less milk and more ghee. She said Ghee will control motion.

Other than that , Sabudane ki kheer. Sabudana will stop motion , not only for kids but for adult too

More of it will cause constipation .

Just take 1 cup milk, very little sugar and 2-3 spoon of sabudana. You need to continuously stir it till 'kheer' is done or sabudana is soft.

Real good!

response 2

Nutmeg paste helps with diarrhea

response 3

raw banana ..
just steam cooked raw banana with a pinch of salt is a very good stool binder .it was prescribed to me by doc when shreeniketh had loose stools ..

response 4
Loose motions

one or two tea spoons of onion juice[ grated and pressed] works like magic....and avoid giving it to very sall babies...but on older kids and adults it works like magic.

response 5
eat at least half cup of pomegranate seeds along with the white tails...if using for kids give them juice....if the child accepts give plain juice or else add a tsp of sugar. It not only controls motions but also regains taste(which is usually lost during dysentery).


Response 1
I give my 1.5 yr old daughte a tbsp of jeera powder mixed with little honey everday morning....this is a very good remedy for constipation and also helps in digestion...
Response 2
For constipation, try giving fresh fruit - BANANA or ORANGE. It works wonders !!

Also apply some CASTOR OIL on the baby's belly button and the anus.
Response 3
yes orange works wonders...both for adult and child
not reccomended for child below 8 months of age..
for children-remove the thin film and give small chunks only..

Response 4
prune juice is the for all without any doubt...
half spoon mixed in even infant's milk...and 100-200ml for adults...tummy clear in an hour.
sugar can be mixed in infant's milk to cure constipation.

Courtesy: Indian Parenting.

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