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Feeding/Latching/Milk Supply.. newborns

A wonderful link.
every year 1st aug to 7th aug is world breast feeding week..

in this connection , i want to share something...
I dont want to sound preachy but this is my exp, in all modesty and hope everyone takes it in the right spirit...

Breast Feed for babies is like a boon, they can latch easily, and the milk is sterile, and has lots of goodness(however light or thick it might be ), please opt for bottle feed only when it is nearly impossible to get breast milk...

reasons enlisted by my peadiatrician when my first baby was one month old...

bottle nipple is not equal to skin, the jaw muscles of your baby work more to suck on a rubber nipple than to suck your breast... the jaw muscles and ear muscles are related, strain on jaw increases strain on ear... and hence ear infections are more in bottle fed babies...
bottle fed babies tend to get diarhoea, constipation, cold etc more frequently...

so i blindly followed this..first six months exclusive breast feed, solids six month onwards.. i didnt give bottle at any stage .. naku ila cheyyatam valla rest undedi kadu.. demand feed valla., oka 45 mins kante nidra kuda undedi kadu... night and day, without help, (mom kuda leru) but with some time management i sailed thru... there were times when i cried a lot... fortunately my hubby is supportive..unlike many indian hubbys( i say this cos many NRI hubbys help their wives while abroad and they dont while in india)

touchwood, no ear infections, no frequently falling bed wetting.. touch wood, touchwood..

my sincere suggestion to mothers and mothers to be, try to avoid bottle at any cost. you will be happy for your decision ,now ,later and forever..

if bottle is inevitable, then baby has to be lying in 45deg angle, like how we put them in our lap, and then suck( baby shud not lie flat on back with bottle in mouth)..

if you liked it ,practice it, if u didnt , please ignore..
na exp cheppalanipinchi cheppanu...

Courtesy: Nischala

Response 1
as nischala said..try to breast feed ur baby as far as poss instead of using formulas..never hv the thought that "naaku milk produce avutaya..naaku vache milk baby ki saripotaya leda?"be confident tht u can nurse ur a days doc say tht milk produce avvakapovadam anedi is ur confidence tht helps in production n ofcourse baby teesukune dani batti..and inko vishyam..milk tagitene milk produce avvadam undadu..u shld keep ur self hydrated all the times..hv as many fluids as poss..BF can be very tiresome to the mom but mana baby ki immunity penchutundi.
nenu ikkada oka example cheptanu..
my SIL had a baby 8 months bfore Anvika was born..tanaki milk supply ledu ani bhada padinde tappa she dint put much of effort trying to use pump etc(ma mil cheppina dani batti i felt so)..valla papa ki ippudu edaina kottadi pedithe chalu..she cant digest it..egg pedithe motions start avutayi..koncham coconut water iste chalu jalubu..koncham extra emaina tinna it affects her system.oka 4-5 days ala motions avutune untayi..koncham climate change ante just gudivada,hyderabad ki tirigithene tanaki cold ventane vachestundi..doc ni adigithe he told her mom "nenu mimalni BF cheyyamannau..meeru formula icharu anduke immunity takkuva" ani cheptunnaru..

so gals i advice you to BF ur babies kudirinatha varuku

Response 2

Girls... motivation is the key... there are 'n' number of factors affecting your lactation, stress, what you eat, how hydrated you keep yourself...

patience also is the key word.. chaala factors untay like naa vishayamlo nipple size peddaga avvatam, lekapote baby latchon sarigga avvaka breast sorega aipovadam, stoneslaga heavy aipotam, or leak ayipovatam... ivanni padetappudu God stop the milk ani anenta badha vesedi asala... I did not have labor pains so I dont know what it would have been but this was the actual hell... the keyword is DO NOT PANIC if any of the above or all of the above happen.. take the help of your parent or partner opikaga babyni latchon ayyettu chesukondi...

Inka kid vishayaniki vastey... the bonding you get at that time is amazing not to forget that is equivalent Amrutam at this stage the newborns... BF babieslo constipation undadu, chakkaga resistance/immunity vastundi, sterilization gola undadu, and mobile milk booth typelo eppudante appude ready urukulu parugulu undav formula tayaru chesi pattadaaniki.. Just decide that you can do it and that helps a lot!!

BUT for whatever reason you just cant lactate, it does happen too... dont worry formula is the closest to mother milk.. ade alochistoo babyto unde precious moments paadu chesukokandi...

Courtesy: Sree.

Response 3
there were times when i too felt the same..enti devuda idi ani..naaku doc okkate cheppindi even before my delivery..pregnancy n delivery oka ettu aithe BF inkoti ayyaka Anvika used to poo kani pee matuku day ki 2-3 times tanaki nuvvu feed cheyyadam ledu cheyyadam ledu ani baga visigincharu doc nannu.there were times when i cried sarigga latch cheyyadam ledu ani.last ki nee baby ni pead deggiraki pampinchi drip pettichalsi vastadi annaru.inka aa debba ki nenu full try took me 4 days alavatu avvadaniki..nurses inka amma valla help teesukunna lekapothe inka late ayyedemo..

Response 4
as Nischala said, I too had the same experience with Rithvik I never bought a bottle for him from store to feed him. He was completely on Breast fed baby uptil 6 mons and doc told me to wait for one month to strt solids as he is good in his weight (touch wood) he was always on 90 percentile growth I introduced solids slowly by 6 mon but tht too only twice a day I thought to wean when he is 12 mons but it took upto 15 mons during day times and I stopped feeding him night times at his 18 mons age.

at his 9 mons of age, I wanted him to take milk from bottle but I tried and tried pumping my milk into the bottles but tht never worked. as per my Mothers advice, I used to pump my milk into a small glass and then he used to drink from that glass at his 10 month. with in the months I stopped breast feeding, he started to loose all his chubbiness and later from the day he is ready to walk, his diet decreased hence he becaqme lean If I see his months' photos I feel like is he the same? where does all this chubbiness gone? but the right weaning period is just after the first B'day i guess as the time goes on, sweetness in our milk keeps on increasing and we will become weak. If not after B'day atleast plan to wean by 15 mons or so.

---try your level best to continue BF you could see the difference in every aspect
---I used to have so many sleep less nights but with my Dear amma and loving hubby it became possible for me.

Response 5

In order to successfully BF.. have a balanced diet...

Ask these questions to yourself...
1. Are you including green leafy vegetables in your diet at least four times a week( daily is great)
2. Do you have beans , french beans, or meat, eggs, (protien) in your diet...
3. minerals and vitamin rich foods, like almonds, cabbage, broccoli, etc..
4. Use whole grains, brown bread, parboiled rice, ragi, jowar rotis etc.. wherever possible..
5. last but not least milk is important too.. have a glass of milk everyday..

this is not to frighten you, this is to improve your confidence, that you can do it too..
@all expectant mothers... and mothers to be..
my post was to positively motivate and not to say bottle feed is bad...
manam munde enduku anukovatam? breast milk ravemo ani... we shud think positively like, i can breast feed, i trust my body... ila positive affirmations chesukondi...
also.. there is a powder called ''GALACT' available in all medical stores... (in india).. this i used when milk reduced in my third month of secnd baby.. and it promotes milk production in us.. it helps ...iddariki nenu one and half yrs ichi wean chesanu..
manasulo anumanalu , negative thoughts pettukovaddu.. ravemo milk, vachina chalavemo ilanti thoughts asalu vaddu...our body is intelligent and equipped to provide nutrition to the little one.. so have faith, and asalu kudaraka pote formula undane undi... we can fall back on it... what i meant was formula shud be last resort....

Response 1
babu ki milk saripothund ani eppudu thelusthundi ante babu normalga chakkaga vunnapudu lekapothe gola chesthadu kada?(ma papa ki 8th month running thanu puttunappudu asala ekkuva thagedi kadu milk nenu mee lane feel ayyedani kani antha normal gane vundedi)monthly 1 or 1/2 kg waight perigithe normal oko manth lekapoyina ok doctor cheptharu kada week ga vunte

Response 2
dont worry about if baby is getting enough milk or not. milk saripoka pothe definetely they will make a lot of noice. ofcourse, digest avvaka poyina arustharu anukondi, kanee akali edupu telusthundi kada...5-8mins per feed is good enough. vallu gaba gabane tagestharu

Response 3
Dont worry they will bring the roof down if they are hungry.. newborns can never starve themselves, if they are hungry they will make sure you know it.

Response 4
milk saripothundhaa ledhaa ani theliyaataniki wet diapers is the only proof, mee PED ni adugu inta ae vallu yenni saarlu pee cheyyalo chepthaaru nenu marchipoyaanu aa count I used to maintain aa table daily uptil his 3 mons to monitor. first fewweeks weight thaguthaaru, kaani ala vallu 2mons votchina deggara nundi gain avuthaaru.

Response 5
If ur baby has 8 to 10 wet diapers in a day ..that means he is getting enough milk from u ...babies ki saripoka pothe top lepestharu ra dont worry ...

Response 6
don't worr babies vallaki kavalsina ta tagutaru .if he is passing urine frequently it is thought that ithe feed is enough

Response 7
If he is nursing on one side for 5-8 mins and you switch its good. Babies ki tummy saripoye varaku taagutaru. And vaalla needs ni batti neeku milk production kooda untundi. Demand supply anamata....

Response 8
idi chala chala common doubt intha mandi theerchina theerani doubt especially for mothers... :) but pillalu vallaki kavalsinantha vallu tagutharu..if they hungry definitely he will let u know.. :) ee timelo mostly pillalu aakaliki edustharu, appudappudu colic pains ki kuda edustharu..till 5-7 mons colic pains are common in kids ani manaki ela thelusthundi..?ante aa crying lo surega difference kanapaduthundi...but daily neevu lunch and dinner ayina tharuvatha konchem vaamu and rock salt notlo veesko..mana food sarigga digest avvaka poyina pillalaki kadupu noppi vasthundi..and naa kids ki nenu 3 mons daaka tamalapakulu koddiga vedi chesi very warm daani paina ghee raasi kadupu paina pette danni..pillala kadupu telika avuthundi antaru..

Response 9
milk baby ki sufficient aa kadha antey incase bojja nidakapothey pillalu baa edustharu so neeku easy ga ardham avuthundhi baby ki milk saripoledhu ani
Girls, there were quite a few queries and a great and valuable information source on it on this thread... as usual aadapaduchulu rock!!

naaku telisindi cheptaa..

I had colostrum immediately after birth, leakage ledu during pregnancy, but problem enti ante naa nipple size baby mouth kante chaala peddaga undedi, so she could not latch on immediately.. naakemo milk productionki tablets icchevaallu, so breasts bricks laaga ayipoyevi and they used to leak, tanemo she could not get even half the nipple into mouth, nenaite edchi gaggolu pettedaanni noppi tattukoleka, so severega undedi.

Indialo breast pump ante auto rickshaw horn-typelo untundi :(( adi use cheste kanipistundi asala narakam.. nurses balavantam nipple shield anedi okati undedi adi use cheyinchevaru nipple saagi baby norlo pattelaga avvataaniki.. exactly narakam annamata adi maatram.

I was told by doc that about 50% of women face this problem, keep trying maanoddu, she will get used to ani.. Finally I got an electric pump from Brooks (God send asala adi) and gradually pump start chesaka nipple size normal ayyindi and baby could latch on easily.. she was an angel in that respect naakaite I started feeding her after 15 days from the breast antavaruku pump adi kooda chaala konchem undedi.. like 2 ounce max migataa anta formula.. but when she started sucking ade produce ayyedi.. doc also said let her drink as much as she wants and you will lactate ani..

also one main thing is keep yourself hydrated and eat well.. breast feed appudu naaku vipareetamga aakalesedi and okosari baby used to drink for hours.. vadiledi kaadu, appudu pakkana edaina juice pettukunedaanni lekapote vanuku vacchesedi..

Dont worry or have fears about lactation, it is common, jarigipotundi...

Pump maatram god-send nipple size peddaga untey!!
3 hrs ki once compulsory pump cheyyala lekapothay 5 hrs ki once cheyyocha?Milk production lo emmanna difference unthundha?

***3hrs ki okasari pump cheyali ani ledu. neeku breast heavy ga , painful ga anipisthe apudu cheyyi, okesari 6oz pump cheyagaligithe 5hrs okasari, adi store chesi don't have to do it for every 3hrs.

***You are still a new mommie kada..Uupto 3 months daaka I was pumping once in every 2.5 to 3 hrs. You need to empty ur breast often if u want to maintain a good production. Night lo mataku I wud pump around 11pm and go to bed. Morning 5 ki alarm pettukuni mall pump chesedaani. Malli 8am ala....Day time lo ekkuva gap ivvaku unless you are out and cant avoid it...Night lo it is ok to have a gap of 6 to 7 hrs.

Let down manchiga ravali anthey drink a glass of warm water before u pump or feed. Feed appudu kuda keep sipping some water every nw n then. I hope you are pumping for 20mins on each side everytime....

My son will be 4weeks by tomorrow,but badakaram aina vishyam enti ante naku inka proper latch ravatledu and i am not trying to bf him ,i am pumping and giving him, i tried 2/3 times with nipple shield but naku chala sore nipples pain untondi...still i have some hope that inka try cheste vadi ki vastundemo ani...naku ee pumping cheyadam tho roju chala time pattestondi for sterilizing bottles,and i am not getting rest...i am exclusively pumping milk for him for each feed and even nights also...naku latching problem anipistondi...

Breast tenderness sariga latch cheyakapothey ala avutundi. nipples motham tongue midha undeyla chusukovali inka brief antey baby chin motham kindagha undali.
only end of nipple kakunda, nipple motham (hope u understand this point) undedatu chesukondi...
detailgha kavali antey you tube lo videos kuda untayi... babies every 3 hrs ki tagutaru kabati ee gap lo meru aquaphore, neyyi lantivi nipples ki massage cheyandi....
naku intialga latching problem undedi entha problem antey blood kuda vacheydhi but doctors no problem annaru istu istu untey vallu kuda alavatu badataru and miku kuda vastundi automaticga....

Response 2
U need to keep the entire nipple in his mouth..not only the tip..dont give up..vaalaki bottle feed alavatu avuthey they will not try bottle is easier for them..

Sit in a comf position..or sleep if u feel that is better..take the baby also in comf position..use pillows..ur arm..anything which holds him in correct position.

take the entire nipple..including aerola.. darker are around the tip between 2 finger and adjust it into the baby mouth.

.initial gaa they tru sucking(which is the tech they use in bottle) kaani they need to suckle.. keep trying..manam pain ki bhaypadi pump chesi..icchestam..2 day cont try cheyyandi every time u feed.. he ll get used to it..
also try rubbing the nipple tips with warm towlel dipped in dettol..this will open any clogged pores..use ghee as relief...

Response 3
There is diff between sucking and suckling..sucking like how we drink soft drink with a straw.. .suckling involves..jaws..cheeks..tongue. tougher job

bottle feed alavaatu avuthey they get used to sucking..easier..less strenuous..smooth flow..

so another advise he need to forget sucking meeru express chesina milk,...dont give in bottle in the mean while give him with spoon..lil cumbersome..but it will help

baby will forget sucking and u keep trying as usual and he will learn suckling..

Response 4
Baby latch chesetappudu sounds chestunte meeku pain vastundhi main ga just chapparistunnattu sound vastunte baby notlo entha aneola padathado antha pettukovali appudu meeku pain taggutundhi ..kudirithe me finger tho baby notloki push cheyataniki try cheyandi if not oka sari nipple ni tesesi full mouth open chesinappudu pettandi appudu motham notlo pettukuntaru.first meeku comfortable p-ositions chusukondi.. naku lactation nurse echina tips evi..Hope it helps..

my problem is.. even after 9 days, the baby is not latching, tosestundi, antaku mundu pattina formula kooda kakkestundi.. :((.. so along with breast milk ippudu tanaki top feeding with Farex start chesaru.

Naaku C-sec chesaru with spinal, so first 7 hours could not try feeding..taravata, konchem slight leakage, edo kashtapadda sare nipple size peddadaipoi she could not drink, so next morning daaka she was on bottle feeds... i used nipple shield and expressing and all such stuff, but she has been very very adamant...

So, I finally shifted to breast pump but time bad, appatike milk production taggipoyindi :(((... whole day anta kalipitey hardly 50 mL vastundi... breast ninchi milk leak aipotundi appativaruku naaku teliyatledu, baby aa timelo padukunte asalu legavatledu :(((... naaku emi artham kavatledu..

how long can we store the breast milk without using the fridge?? vacchey aa rendu gukkalu paalu aina taagite adoka trupti untundi ani naa aaasa..

any tips for increase in milk production???

Response 1
breast feeding tho almost ndariki prob vuntyi ra initial dont u said C section moms ki idi common pob..naaku same ..enti antey..manaki thelivi vaccheysariki the nurses give bottles..babys get used to it..and find our difficult to latch on..

Milk production thaggadam kaadu shree.enthaiynaa..brest pump tho ekkuva raavu..naku initial 1 month lo ilagey latching prob ani brast pump use chesthey..gnta sepu pump chesi chesi breast pullu ayyevi kaani 20 m kooda vaachevi kaavu..i used to give formula..

kaani naa sincere suggestion..try adjusting the baby in diff positions..cont gaa try cheyyi..sudden gaa vaaley latch chesthaaru..and once baby starts drinking..milk automatic gaa vasthundi..naakaiythey..1 nad half mnth varaku thippalu padda..suddenly he started..almost 18 mnths varaku ichaa..stil i had loads..had to take med to stop..

sooomik prod thaggatam vundadu..breast pump tho bayatiki8 ravu anthey..cont baby ni diff positions lo pattukoni try ela antey..(this wrkd for mee) ni bed meeda padukoni..nee breast ni baby face ki direct gaa ivvu..antey like straight gaa anna meeda vangoni..hope u understiood..ila ayithey..motham aerola baby notloki lips tho kaakundaa..motham noru open chesi..mee nipple chuttu vunna dark area kooda nootloki velley tattlu try cheyyi.

1 mnth mundara idey thread lo evaro latching q adigaaru..many btips were given chk that..if possibe ill chk and post..

all the best
Response 2
paalu manaki vallu thaagey kodhi vasthaayi manam yenni sarlu try chesthy antha manchindhi, latching vallu nerchukovadaaniki 1 mon ayinaa pattacchu kaani okka sari breast milk ki vallu alavaatu padithy inkaa problm solved paalu avey vasthaayi.
Breast feeding classes konni hispitals lo conduct chesthaaru vuntey vellandi. Nenu aa classes ki vellakaney I was confortabl.

ila try cheyyandi meeru bed meedha upright position lo kurchuni meeru back ki support pettukondi mee lap lo oka pillow pettukoni aa pillow painaa baby ni padukopetti latch cheyyandi. idhi oka rakamainaa position, alaa konni different positions trycheyyali. meeku paalu vasthunnayi annappudu baby ni lepi ivvandi diaper thisinaa, valla back side veepu painaa palm tho raasinaa, paadhalu painaa touch chesinaa legusthaaru. try to introduce the taste of the milk to their lips first, then automatically thy may start sucking.

every 2 hrs ki isthuney vundaali meeku rojanthaa try chesthunnatley vuntundhi kaani don give up, ippudu meeru konchem kastapadali, nenu 1 month lopu ilaaney pattu vidava kundaa alavaatu chesaanu, almost 18 mons varakuu itchaanu, milk production always depends up on their intake and on our food at some point.
Response 3
hey milk taggipoyindhi ani chepodu...Coz milk production will only slowly kick start...naaku 15th day kala my milk production has gone down ani ohhhhhhhhhh mani maa pediatrician deggariki velli educhanu...He said there is no way the milk production will come down in such short time....Breast feeding chestunney vuna manaru....But naaku nidra lekha oka pichi pilla laaga tayaru ayanu...Only then i moved to pumping. I donnu what pump you are using....Less painful and more milk ki nothign works like Medela...In the beginning meeku 2 ounce kanthey ekkuva raadu only after one n half month meeku ekkuva vastaadi. Even babies drink only 2 ounces around this time. so 50 ml is just right for ur baby. Indialo mi mi or some brand breast pump is there...Naa friend adi chesindhi...She was literally in tears...She had even blood stains in the milk..anta noppi...Then I" sent her my pump. She told me that Medela was way far better when compared to that brand...N her milk supply picked up to...Shez now back to breastfeeding :)
Express chesina milk max 3 hrs bayata pettachu...Indialo humidity ekkuva i dunno how long we can keep..Mee pediatrician ni adigandhi..

Coming to baby not accepting ur milk....Give her some time...Mee milk ki slowga alavaatu cheyandhi...Formula n breastmilk 50-50 gailipi try cheyandi...Slowly keep decreasing the amount of formula...Meanwhile dont stop breastfeeding or expressing ur milk...coz only when we empty our breats often the milk production will increase....

Also...Feed chese mundhu one glass warm water taagithey manchi let down vuntaadi antareu...

Hope these help!!! ITz a very trying time ippudu...but soon this phase too will pass :)

Courtesy: Pallavi, Visa, Ramya
A link in detail regarding positions

Good position for feeding

Try sleeping position..It worked for ni slight pillow meeda petti..put in ur nipple almost from top..hope u mouth ki 180degres ..hmm ela cheppalo artham gaa antey u either sit or bend over him..this will give him better latch as the entire nipple gets into his mouth..once he is used. to u can change..position

Even I suffered for 1.5 mnth..same i can understand..also BF chesthey ne Milk production ekkuva avuthundi..pump chestheu ull not be able to pump more then 20- 30 ll get sore..

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