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ISP - Say 'N' Do

we spoke abt lets see abt SAY n DO

it has got 3 satges
1) running commentary------------ for new Born to 1 yr
2) Allowing ur child to experience---------1 yr to 4yrs
3) answering WHY-------------from 4yrs to 7yrs

RUNNING COMMENTARY: the name itself suggests tht u need to give commentary(continuously Talk).from the fourth month of pregnacy the mother can apply this till the child is of 1 yr of age.
tell everything to ur child in doing this we are putting more info in right brain(brain gurinchi malli cheptaa) till 6yrs wht we keep in brain it is stored n later the left brain activates n uses the info stored in right brain.
also u develop bonding b/w the child n parents. n by storing the info in right brain ur are stimuating him n exercising his/her brain.tell him everything just like u hear the cricket commentary..mottam cheopandi..everything in detail....the child will not feel ignored...u will draw their attention n mentally prepare thm by telling everything..N be HONEST wht ever u tell......manam ippudu edi chepithe adi ala vallaki register tell thm truth. thy are now embodiments of thm in staying this for ever..

ila enduku chepthunna running commentary ivvamani.......tell everything even ur financial conditions..intlo godavalu etc.....tell thm everything..because we ourselves had undergone some time whn theres some discussion whn we tell something mana vallu emantaaru..nuvvu chinnadanivi salaha icche antadanivi ayyava ani..ela feel ayamu manamu...or sometimes thy would have said peddadanivi idi kuda neeku teliyada ani...intaki manam peddavallama or chinnavallama...manake doubt vacchina rojulu vunnayi ila running commentary vala the child too knows whts happening in the hes is also involved..he will also adjust acordingly.....
suppose manam ivi evi cheppamu ur child grows turns 10yrs. thn he comes oneday n tells i need 5000, we are going for outing ,,n iam in for it ,,i need to pay in the evening......n already u have some financial crisis from past 6 months n sudenga ila mee child adigithe meeru emantaaru...neeku illu gurinchi emi patatdu..vellodu intlo paristhutulu telusaa n so on.......................didu ever tell ur child all this......why will he try to understand all this if u tell today..we always ignore the suppose meeru bayatiki u say to the child..nenu bayatiki velthuna ivi kondaaniki/dinnerki/something else...naaku intha time nenu max ga 2 hrs or 2 1/2 hrs lo vastaanu....entamandi cheppi veltaaru to their kids i mean 0-3 yrs lopu valalki....cheppakunda veltaamu as he will cling to u once the child knows u are leaving him n going..but if u tell..u r stimulating him...n preparing him....n meku khali time lo start telling him abt ur work n how its necesary to go to office n how it helps u..n all..the child will understand

tell everything..while having bath..every minute detail like picking the tumbler, filling
filling with water..etc shuld be spoken..else bhojanam chesetappudu parents digestive system of the child gurinchi..mandulu icchetappudu..enduku isthunnamu avi vesukovadam valla em avuthundi anni detailed ga doing this the child learns constantly..thy will not get disintrested

pillalu bore they are always enthusiastic to learn..deeniki oka manchi eg cheppindi aavida

manaki manchi aakali vesthundi...manaki ishtamainavi ready ga vunnayi..suddenly evaro vacchi ila bajjariki velli vaddamu some intresting vi vunnayi antaaru..wht will u do or go with thm..the answer would be eat first n thn go

pillalu ki aakali vesthunnapudu..annam n oka kotta toy pettaru anukondi..vaadu annam kante toy ni means he wants to learn wht it is..n pillalu will never get bored.

2) learning from experience

this goes for 1-4 yrs

ikakda child wants to learn different hot n cold..sweet n sour etc.
this all shuld take palce in presence of elders.suppose child wants to touch something hot..mundu mother shuld touch n say with action hot ani(ikkada action very imp) thn allow the child to feel it. best place kitchen to explore for child..anni meeru vegies cut chesthunnaranukondi...child ki kuda oka plastic kati ivvandi..ila ivvadam valla vaadu cut chestaadhu... u are trying to fine tune ur child motor skills..ila dat to day activities lo involve cheyyadam valla thy will remeber the experiences..n learning process enhance avuthundi.

vallu edi chestamanna vaddu or NO ani cheppavaddu..suppose meeru ironing chesthunnaru...ur child wants to first iron chesina batta meeda cheyyi pettinchandi..vedi ga tagulthundi just mee hand iron box deggariki teesukoni velli with action cheppandi aavedi sega ela vuntundo..let the child know doing all these we are developing his 5 the same time developing the childs confidence.if we wont allow it leads to fear

we knowingly or unknowingly impose fear in child...alochinchandi elaano....pillalu annam tinakapothe em chestaam ...adgo kaki icchesthunna ..nenu tinestaanu..etc etc ..avunna..inka further vinaka[pothe adigo akkada aa room lo deyyam /rakshasi vundi vachi ninnu mingesthundi ani...(but nijamga aa gadi lo vundaa.....)a roju bhayam petti tinipinchechestaaru...mee pani ayyipoyindi but next day..meeru antaaru pada velli aa gadi lo velli light veddam...or bomma tecchukundamu ani...child ki oka image padipoyindi aa gadi lo buchi vundi ani inka ala fear anaedi install ayipothundi.

if the child falls let him fall....he will learn n develop confidence

never install fear in thm..oka eg cheptaanu.....manam edi cheptaamo ade chestaaru pillalu

suppose mee intiki evaro vaccharu(meeku telisina valle le)...meeru water ivvadaniki lopaliki veltaaru..

ur child comes n tell nenu istanu water n already u filled water in glass tumblers....meeremantaru vaddu nuvvu padestavu ani(earlier u never allowed ur child to do this)vaadu gattiga edustadu nenu istanu ani n mee guest out of courtesy u say sare teesukoni vellu ani..but u will give 100 directions...jagrattaga teesukonivellu ila pattuko ala pattuko...padestavu ala vellu ila vellu n ur child takes it n suddenly remembers nuvu padestavu ani meeru out of fear padestaadu vadu..meeremantaaru cheppana nuvvu padestavu.....etcneeku oka pani kuda raadu n all..isisnt it

but vadu chesindi kuda meeru cheppinde kada ..meeru padestavu ani annaru vadu kuda meeru cheppinde try to develop his confidence...he may fail once but u be there to support his morale..ila cheyyadam valla natural discipline vasthundi

how many of u like ur child to be disciplined in front of everyone.....i hope andaru yes antaru..u want thm to be disciplined naturally or just mee kallu chuso ledo meeru tiditheno disciplined ga vundaala.....

it all depends how u mold the clay..once the clay is heated manam entha anukunna daani vere shape ivvalemu...

this all u can give right whn the child is young n learning...n he develops this from experience..let him be free to learn

ikkada maku oka rhyme mana telugu di chepparu with action..kondaru chesaru with action kondaru cheyyaledhu..n some tried to do.....thn she said why arent u doing with action ani.....the same the child too experiences..whn someone comes to ur house n u ask ur child to sing or tell rhymes...n the child doesnt even move his /her lips...meeremantaru bad boy/girl neeku emi raavantaru n all isint it...but did u understand the child feelings...ade once the guests go ur child will start telling u rhymes..meeru antaru po ippudu naakenduku..apuudu cheppaledhuga ani...

manam chesthe ne kada pillalu mana deggaranunchi nerchukunedi....whn young we would have being free but now we stop all tht..

pillalu kuda ade nerchukuntaru...its on us to develop their confidence n to learn tht give thm their space n time..dont force thm.

sare next part of SAY n DO

3)whn the child asks WHY

for 4- above children

ikkada child annitiki reason telusukovaalanukuntaadu..anduke ee WHY..ilaantappudu parents answers ivvakudadhu..but allow him to inquire n find out themselves.deeni valla right brain activate avuthundi..creavity stimulate ayyin brain grow avuthundi.

okavela meeku answer teliyadanukondi..tell the child u will find out n let thm know.and ask thm their view..vallu cheppinaaka say 'YES',Ok..this is wht i feel ani..ila cheyyadam valla left brain stimulate avuthundi..reasoning develop avuthundi

left brain activate avavdam valla the child asks WHY

nevr anser the child ques give room for their creativity

ask thm why it happens like this/ wht happened? etc..once we answer we are killing their imagination..chinna pillala creativity ki antham vundadhu...this is time their brain starts loigical reasoning...u would have observed whn u give a toy to the child he first touches it, tries to feel it, thn tries to open it, throws down.........before he does something to tht broken toy wht do we do..vadini titti..a bommani permanent ga ataka meeda cherustaaru..but vaadiki aa virigina daantlo nunchi vachina sabdam lo inko creativity vuntundi...adi enta costly bpomma ayina sare bomma paristhiti anthe......vademi adagaledhu naaku intha costly bommakonivvu ani...for child oka 10/- or 1000 rs/- bomma same vadiki kavalsinda alla feel the toy n see wht more it is made of....
child creativity enthaga vuntundi ante..once a child was going on drive with his parents..suddenly he sees lots of lighting (actually adi oka hotel)in some distance..he asks his mother wht it is ani... so mom said u tell me wht u are thinking ani...vadu em cheppado telusaaa......i think its a big cale with som many candles..may be oka peddauncle birtyhday emo ani...isint just amazing to think like tht..the same child

the same child after 8 yrs became so shy n all his creativity has gone..can u guess what could be the reason................

HE STARTED GOING TO SCHOOL(ante school ki velladam tappa ani anukuntunnara..not at alll)

whts happening in the room for creativity..just spoon feeding......adi alavatu ayyi manam why ani adiginappudu the child becomes silent..he becomes tuned to listen whtever we say......ala ani school ni tappu pattatledhu......wht iam telling is u can create such environm,ent in ur home giving constant support to the child
even if the child is wrong u just tell "yes ur right..but wht i feel is...................." never correct him u are killing the creativity(in short the right brain of the child) ala cheppi thn ask now wht do u think abt wht i told u ani adagandi...he will start analysing...helping him to activate his left brain.

one more thing which i forgot to tell in 1 n 2nd part of Say n do is

spk to child in the same level..i mean height.....mormal ga whn child starts walking manam cheyyi pattukoni maatladuthu veltaamu right...dont do tht......the child wants to see ur face whn u he asks u to lift him up......n u complain veedu nannu vadaladu......eppudu ettukone vundaali ani...... even whn child is 1 yr also...spk to him at the same level...kneel down in front of thechild n spk...he will be able to see ur expressions...

Courtesy: Rekha Satish

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