Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing Fruits

I began LO on mashed fruits at the beginning of 5th month.. mash a fruit.. banana etc and start feeding gradually.. many say start with veggies because if we start fruits they might not like the tart taste of the veggies. I could not get carrots for a while in the village I stay and so I started off with banana and am yet to try the veggie purees on her :).

Banana we can mash directly, for the starters take out the seeds and scrape and feed the outer soft layer to go easy on the baby tummy.. some people add mishri/patiki bellam/sugar chips to the mash but I prefer giving the fruit in its original form, so no added flavors ;).

Starting apple is different... I boil the apple in the pressure cooker... just steam it actually, no water in the bowl, keep it for 3 whistles, let it cool down, take out the skin, remove the seeds and feed the pulp.

This is half apple for the starters

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