Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rice for Infants

So, the first thing that comes to mind after the ceremony is over is what am I going to feed the baby and how much.. there are quite a few doubts about it.

To begin with I started with a mix which is called gujjanakoodu (or gujji laanti koodu/annam)
measure is rice-cooker cup.
1 cup - Rice
1 cup - Pesarapappu and kandipappu (more of pesarapappu).
a pinch of vaamu.

Grind them softly for starters as the consistency should not be stuck in the throat.

1/2 tablespoon of this mix with water (approx. 1/2 cup) and cook it in a cooker, 3 full whistles and put it in sim-mode for 5 minutes. Some cook directly on the stove in a bowl, I personally prefer the cooker.. deggara undi tippakapote takkuva untundi kada adugu antipotundi..

Mash the already pasty mix and mix a pinch of salt and add ghee and feed the baby.. 2 tiny spoons first and then gradually increase depending on her appetite.

Dont worry if initially the baby has motions or throws up a little (not too much mind you) because the body is adjusting to the solids :).

Then gradually add thin sliced carrot pieces, green leafy veggies, etc. one after the other to this mix and cook and feed..

LO meal saranjaama... water bottle, ghee, the mashed meal... the spoon in the pic is the rice&pulse mix - 1/2 tbsp

The pic above is the mix cooked with carrot and mashed properly with a little bit of rasam.. it comes to approximately the size of a medium-sized lemon.. nimmakaayanta autundi mottam kalipite. We can add rasam to it after about 10 to 15 days of starting rice.

Good luck to mom's because now starts the operation-feed/push down the throat starts ;).

Once the baby's body gets used to the solid form start adding carrot pieces/beets/greens(aakukooralu) to the rice mix, mash it thoroughly and feed.. but remember add one after the other slowly, see how the baby's tummy reacts and then go about to the next level/next item.

A great nutrition value rice mix is suggested by Sushma which I paste below

nenu idi eenadu paper(sukhibhava) lo choosi follow ayanu..after the baby completed 6 months..doc chala manchidi pedutunnaru ani kooda annaru.

idi nenu dabba lekalo cheppagalanu..dabba ante any cup like the one v get wid rice cooker..
2 cups rice.
1 cup mixed grains(wheat,ragi,jowar,bajra,maize)
1 cup mixed pulses(toor dal-koncham aniti kante ekkuva,urad dal,bengal gram,pesarapappu)
1 cup mixed nuts(groundnut,cashew nut,badam)
5-6 kismiss,
3 cardamom pods.

rice,grains n pulses annitini vidividi ga clean chesi sun dry cheyyandi.veetini oka pan lo okkokati fry cheyyali koncham smell vachedaka..taravatha mixie lo pulses n grains veyyandi nuts,kismiss n cardamom veyyandi..make it into smooth pwdr..last lo rice veyyandi.mee baby tine dani batti idi coarse or smooth pwdr la cheyyandi..

1 spoon of this will be sufficient for a baby's meal. oka cup water lo ee powder kalipi koncham salt n one spoon ghee vesi porridge ayye daka stove meeda pettandi..mee baby tine consistency batti dincheyyandi..

u can give this directly..or add some rasam or curds to this.

i hv been giving my daughter the same for abt 4 months now..once a day..

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  1. Sree garu,

    Can you please tell me how much water do I need to feed my 6 month old baby?