Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Beginning..

A new entrant in the world of babies and moms... learning from other moms, giving my gyaan and gathering theirs with one aim and goal better parenting... Thanks to TIA moms for being so supportive with instant replies... so, here goes a token of appreciation for you all.

Hope to be very diligent in updating the data.. wishing all the babies of the world good health and their moms loads and loads of patience!!


  1. HI Sree

    blog chala bavundhi,very nice information.am impressed asalu...will check this blog regularly from now.

    thanks a lot for this blog.it is really helpful to all mom's

  2. Hi..came here when I saw thr stats..very good job in collecting your knowledge along with rest. It will surely help so many moms to be..:)..thanks for the link love, feel honoured!

  3. Hi sree,

    Mee blog ki bychance vachenu...Your blog is really awesome,mind blowing,excellent,wonderful...Wait wait I need to look my dictionary right now...As I have no words to describe how much I love this blog...I would store this blog as my favs...And also suggest my friends this blog as this blog has become my lifesaver...I would tell u....You have done/are doing a very good thing by putting evrything in this blog.....I have a 3 mnths baby girl...And right from the time of her birth I have started reading your blog religously....Really hats off to ur patience....Prati china china vishyam ki you have taken care off....

    All I can say is just a simple word and that is "Thankyou"...I know this word is very small..coz the way you educated me....


    Harita Sridhar

  4. thank you so much for all the kind words.. it kind of makes all the effort worth while!