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Travel Items/Tips To India With Kid

Items to carry to India when traveling with a kid

1) Diapers ( I did not like the quality of the diapers available in India, tought they r the same brand),
2) Johnson's Baby Cream, Soap and Powder,
3) Winter Clothings(jackets, shoes, socks ...),
4) Tylenon Cold and Cough Syrup (check their exp. date before purchasing),
5) Kids Multi-Vitamin Chewable tablets or other stuff tht ur kid likes to eat,
6) Lots and lots of toys and books( Leap-pad, Disney laptop, Magnetic writing board,....),
7) Baby Einstein CDs, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes CD, and other CDs tht he enjoys watching the most here,
8) His fav. cartoon char Bowls, Spoons and sipper cups(for milk and water),
9) His fav. cartoon char t-shirts,
10) and finally, a high resolution camera and camcorder :)

These r all I can remeber now, will post if i remember more.

When u r in India , dont take him out very often, initially. They catch infections very fast. So try to avoid tht in the initial days and everything will go fine.

Do take long sleeves skirts ..akkada dorakatam kastam
Winter caps kuda tessukunni vellu
Feeding bottles /Sippy cups ..If you are staying for long my use the during travel
Formula powder for travel ..India loo kanukovachu
Gum cleaner with brush ekkada baguntayi
Chinni stroller for travel

dnt think they sell tylenol cold n cough any longer. over the counter cold medications for infants r banned in the US. So if ur baby catches cold (it invariably will...coz of the flight journey and climate in India) take him to the doc. Anti biotics r a must in India for cold unlike in US.
Take enough baby food, cereals depending on how long u r gonna stay.
tylenol and infant's motrin (fever reducer)
dont bring johnsonz product...u get a good range here and they r cheaper too.
the only thing i bought is johnson's cornstarch. they sell only talc here....
disposable bottle like playtex dropins and ample liners (these r a life saver during flight journey and the initial days)
Travel ones-sterlized travel wipes....handy to clean any kind of mess or if u want to sterlize any area ur kid might tough if u take him out
diapers...regardless of many u bring u r bound to run out of them....Pamper's active baby is good though not as good as the swaddlers we get here....
baby immunization record. make sure u talk to ur pediatrician and find out if u need to give ur baby any shots in india....

dont take ur baby out and clean the room with savlon whenver needed...
dont start giving him regular milk whilst in india....give him the formula...water....boiled, filtered...
inspite of all the precautions my lil tyke fell sick...hez ok now but cant blame his age! he wants to chew whatever he lays his eye on

Courtesy: Pushpa, Sangeeta, Visa

Milk Queries

Can we carry ready to use milk in the flight.I am traveling to India with my 4 months baby..Suggest me if any precautions to take during flight journey..

If you are talking about baby formula, I think it should be fine. Last time when my mother took my younger son to India, she tried to carry the hot water with her for mixing the formula powder, security stopped her and tested the water. Then only they let her go. While bringing him back even my inlaws told they secuirty people threw the water before they got into the flight

Put cotton in the child's ears. And try to feed him/her when the flight takes off. Otherwise because of the disturbance in the ears they would start crying.
Meds to Take
next week india ki ikkadi ninchi baby ki emi medicines thesukoni vellali
Take those mosquito wipes, Infant's Motrin, aspirator, saline drops, neosporin ointment. Cold vasthey akkada gaurantee medicines istaru...ikkadavi saripovu akkada cold ki...

Mosquito repellent spray kaani..wipes kaani pattuku vellandi..try for "Deet- free" repellent ex: Natrapel.
If you are taking a repellent spray, roju baby ki battalu maarchinappudalla..spray it on the dress (not the body) at the front and the back.

Saline drops teesuku vellandi..

Another Response
clothes - bodysuits, rompers
Food- Cereal, Stage 2 food (shd i take stage 3 too??? )
Dropins Bottles with dropins
Spare nipples
Wash cloths
Disposable bibs
Disposable changing pads
Wet ones
Diaper rash
Infant's Motrin
Nasal Spray
Few toys/rattles
Bedtime lullaby CD
Kudirithey Nursery water (for travel outside)

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  1. All the posts in the travel category were very helpul Sree :)
    I am planning jus after Srithan turns 7 months old. Had so many questions and got answers to all of them.
    Thank you so much for keeping everything at one place.