Monday, December 27, 2010

Toddler Learning/Teaching -- Books, CDs

Sree (India):

Usually kids learn and grasp faster, so pointing and identifying objects colors and stuff together will help in learning quicker even if it is everyday objects.. like green tree, blue cup, red shirt, white teeth.. whatever.. identifying color, object texture all going together.. this along with lot of one-on-one time books and visuals aid in making learning fun.. rather than rote.

Board Books For Learning
Colorful, sturdy, tear resistant, able to wipe clean books which are good to read and to play for the kids.

Visual Dynamics
Vicky's books have painted pictures where as the others have photos which are bright and color and easy to identify with and remember later on.. (personal opinion). but kid identifies all of them be it art or photo, so go for your pick.

These books are available with wide range.. alphabets, animals, veggies, fruits, shapes, colors, vehicles, flowers.. you name it they have it, just look around when you go out.

Touch and Feel Books by Bright Baby, McMillan...

Baby Eistein DVDs.. A set of 4 for colors, vehicles, wild life, and farm animals for the ages 6 months and above.. amazing clarity and the puppets and  babies.. kid is hooked to them, unsure of availability here got them from US.

Sesame Street Learning DVDs, charts are good too.. I like the charts because they are laminated, wipeable and reusable sheets.

Little Genius Wooden Learning Games..
I like the puzzles, blocks, abacus, stackers, bead shuttlers and spirals to keep the kid engrossed and also help in aiding coordination and manipulation, color identification, etc. 100% satisfied.. I get them in Om Arts and Prints Vja.

Magic Slate.. the magnetic doodle board, similar to doodle pro but costs less

Animal Toys.. the rubber toys available in packs like farm animals, wild animals, aquatic animals etc.. which come in small, medium large sizes, I personally preferred medium size which cost somewhere between 35 to 100 rs/- available in almost all the kid stores.. once the kid has learned not to lick or swallow we can introduce them.

Play-Doh , non toxic play doh to make shapes and teach colors, etc.

Washable, nontoxic Crayons

Telugu Rhymes DVDs
Chinnari Chitti Geetalu
Chinnaari baala siksha, etc.
Tenali Rama, paramaanandayya sishyula kadha.. Chota Bheem, Birbal, Vikram Betal and a few moral stories.

Lakshmi Kalyani (United States):
"I can Read" series to read.
Big Board First 100 Words (Bright Baby)"

Vidya Eda (United States):
My Review::::::::::

books lo chaala varieties ye unnayi

...My first words ani pillaliki basic words tho start cheyadaniki baa upoyoga padathayi
ilantivi bathtime chadivevi kuda untayi vallaki interest kalagadaniki

...alagey animal sounds vi books like animals pictures untayi nd if u press them u can hear what sound they make nd also what animal it is faces book...this book helps your child learn to recognize emotions by naming what each child is feeling in the pictures signs book okati

...rhymes books

...potty training books

...colours, numbers, alphabets, shapes books

...small one sentence story books

...body parts book to help them in recognising head,shoulder,knees nd toes

...tranportation book

...the toddlers busy book which consists of creative games and activities

...Fisher Price Let's Go to the Zoo Lift the Flap book which helps in knowing the animals as well as counting them nd the sounds they make nd also what the babies of each animal called as animals book

...things that go books

...i spy books

...big nd little books

...feelings book

...abt manners/behaviour

...teeth nd its care abt brushing,visiting dentist,saying no to candies

...abt sharing

...colouring books

...stickers book to entertain them in reading nd appreciating

...Know Ur Series Books from India containing opposites/flowers/flags/alphabets/number
s/rhymes/colours/wild animals/domestic animals/insects or amphibians/tables/human body/safety/shapes/manners

ivi 15 books untayi nd very helpful nd hard cover books...nenu india nunchi vachetappudu techa nd khyati used to love them reading

...clean up time books
...brenestian bear books....ivi khyati deggara most of the collection 35 books unnayi nd she likes each nd every book..very informative in teaching them with the help of stories

...teaching abt weeks and months book..ivi manaki school charts available aye shops lo untayi with charts so kids ki interest vasthundhi as we daily change the day and also it mentions to change the weather also

...puzzles/mazes/dot-dot connection books which help them in concentrating nd gives sharpness to the brain

 Pushpa (United States)

First each letter ki sounds nerpinchanu..this they learn in no time...actually nenu shradhdha ki oka dvd techchanu and she learnt in just 2 days!  idi vachchina taravata, u can get leappad or any similar system...adi first read chestadi and adi choosi pillalu follow ayipotaru....nuvvu oka system konte chalu, library lo daaniki kavalsina cartridges chala untayi...okati bore ayiopote inkoti techchukovachchu...and ila reading konchem vachchina taravata u can start getting level 1 books from the library...anni collections bagovu...konni untayi, very small books with only few number of words in the book and more picutures...naaku aa series peru gurtu ledu, but shradhdha aa books valla chala baaga pick chesindi..aa taravata valla speed ni patti u can switch to higher level!   Samples here.

Archana (United States):
Happiest Toddler on the Block Videos.

Kumari (United States)
baby einstein first baby book of number
baby einstein alpha books board book set.
very hungry caterpillar board book (bedtime stroy), good
First 100words bright baby board book
First 100 words animal board book

best -leapfrog(teaching words,letter factory best with in one week kids learn them)
baby einstein -world of colors
Aquadoodle for painting, a good nonfussy kit to learn.


  1. Sree, for Archana's Happiest Toddler on the Block Videos. No link is posted for that.I am Swapna kudaravalli

  2. Swapna, there are a lot of them available on youtube.. take your pick :).