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Diaper Bag Suggestions - Mom Reviews

Praneetha (United States)

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag - Blossom

Below are the points i find the bag very useful:
1. It looks trendy, stylish and very chic.
2. It has ample space for all the needs for a baby.
3. It has two insulated pockets for the bottles , in each pocket it holds 2 bottles ( i use brown's and playtex ventaire wide bottles - so this shd accommodate any 2 bottles) and 2 side pockets where u can keep the flask/sippy cup.
4. It has 2 zippers on the top where u can keep ur personal belongings or something tht u need to grab right away... they are pretty spacious too.
5. Inside the bag I usually keep 4-5 diapers, wipes, his food, his snacks, one extra dress for him, a recieving blanket, washcloths, sometimes even a spare dress or a top for me depending on where we are going - STILL THE BAG DOESN'T LOOK STUFFED .
6. U have a compartment on the backside of the bag for the diaper changing pad and its good there...
7. Best part about this is, it has one knee length shoulder(just in case ur husband wants to access the bag) handle and 2 normal size handles for ur convenience..
If you don't want the single strap, u can take it off and they have provided with 2 extra buckles inside the bag.. these buckles u can strap onto any stroller,shopping cart, any trolley easily - this benefits u bcoz u need not carry the bag all the time or keep the bag under the stroller n dig for stuff when u need... this way the bag is hanging right in front of u and u can access easily.

Sree (India):

Baby Master (spacious and roomy)

 1. I personally use Baby Master bag which is a medium size bag, not the extra large stuffed looking one.. pale English colors with predominant yellow pattern, which is the kid's favorite color.

2.  I liked its pricing, very less and looks very trendy, costs just around 300 rs/-, got it from Big Bazar, Vijayawada.

3.  It has 6 compartments in all, 2 at the side to hold the wide-size 9-oz Ventaire bottles also, so can easily hold normal ones.  Can hold a wide sipper in the front pocket.

4.  Can hold the hospital record and bills etc in one exclusive velcro compartment.

5.  Can easily accommodate a couple of dresses to change, a baby blanket, first aid kid, towel, diapers and even a couple of comfort toys without actually looking stuffed up and also an additional compartment to store up the soiled clothes.

6.  Basically, above all I love its compact size and easy compartments to organize and look for.  It can be carried in two ways one long removable strap which can be modeled to backpack or just hang along and one usual small straps easy for the helping aide to carry around.  On top of it, it handles rough usage, kid keeps dragging it around, stores her stuff in them, learning zipping and unzipping on it and still it is holding up, so for me it is a paisa vasool item.

PS:  It was not an intentional purchase but something fancy that caught my eye for a steal and hence it is.. otherwise, the good old bags in India do just fine.

Keerthi (India):

General Utility Bag

I have no specific diaper bag designated for that specific purpose, in fact that concept is something which is alien to a lot of people out here in India.  I use a bag that I got from a jewellery shop which is in blue n pink colors and looks very cute, so it is set for the purpose of baby bag.  It can hold up to 3-4 diapers, dress, his sipper (insulated), water bottle, towel, napkins, food/snacks, my purse.  In other words, just a normal handbag which serves the purpose of a diaper bag :).

Usha Jasti (United States):


From Pottery Barn Kids, similar to the skip hop ones.

The bag is stylish..:) does not give a feeling of carrying a diaper bag and was comfy too.  It has a long handle so it could be worn cross the shoulder and it is very helpful when carrying the baby as the bag falls sideways and there is an extra handle which allows it to be worn as a school bag on the back.. Personal engraving is a plus for these bags.

  Meera Girija (United States):

Compact Hobo Diaper bag

 I am using this bag for almost six months now. I am a first time mom and use it on a regular basis for all sorts of trips. It is a messenger bag model diaper bag.
It is trendy and won't look like a diaper bag at all. Even men won't feel bad wearing it. It has adjustable strap, so can be worn sidewise, diagonally and can also be hung to the stroller. The color is vibrant and modern. Will pass for a school bag. Has 2 insulated compartments that can fit 2 wide or regular bottles. Has microban protected lining. It has 4 interior pockets, that can fit upto 4 diapers each. Has a good changing pad that has 2 pockets for taking diaper and wipe along with u to rest room , instead of carrying the entire bag.
I read other people's reviews that it ripped off soon and had bad construction. I have been using it pretty roughly and so far no issues. Since it is a compact bag, it becomes a little small after the diapers start getting bigger in size and when u have to carry additional clothes or other stuff.

Altogether it is a smart bag for everyday use. If you need a big roomie bag, this not the one for you.

 Divya (United States):

Lots of storage space to carry everything baby needs, like diapers, toys, feeding bottles, bowl,spoon, burp cloths,receiving blanket,extra dress...
i even take 12 oz formula box/tin in it sometimes... 2 small bottles of nursey water,2 gerber food(fruit/veggie), n 4-5 ready to use formula bottles.....
It comes with a matching little brag book to show off baby's special moments.

# Bag opens wide for easy access.
# Inside organizer pockets.
# Zipper closure at the top.
# Two external bottle holder pockets.
# Two sturdy flexible handles with metallic hardware.
# Includes matching changing pad.
# Mini brag book holds 24 photos. Acid-free pages.
# Easily wipes clean.

as it looks like a regular handbag u'r husband can't hold it when needed..
..i stuff too many things in difficult to carry for long time....

finally its gud and suggest others to buy it...if u alone can carry for long time without u'r husband's help

Visa (USA):

I had planned Pooh theme for the kid's I bought a character themed diaper bag @ babiesrus. I tried searching for the model and they no longer carry it. I could carry a lot!!! really a lot in the bag!
The bag had a compartment for wet and soiled clothes, diaper station and three other compartments. I could fit in a set of clothes, formula, snacks, bottles, spare nipples and liners, Tylenol (is a must...) pretty easily.

Cons... the only thing that bothered me was that I had to compromise the stylish look for a character themed one...otherwise no problems with anything.

I used it for 2 to 2.5 yrs and it had lived itz life....I had to discard it recently.

Now am carrying a backpack with the kid's name engraved on it. Though he'z out of diapers, I still carry his water, snacks and a set of clothes and pull ups :)

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