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Moisturizing Dry Skin/Winter Care For Kids - Mom Reviews

Sree (India) :

No vigorous massaging, nalugu during winter.  also keep combing the hair of the kid every day after bath with a soft comb so that it does not crust over and also not get tangled.

If in the habit of applying oil to the skin, apply a good half-hour to hour before the bath, let it sink in and then give bath with mild soap.. and do not use very hot water in spite of being winter, keep the water temperature lukewarm and do not take a lot of time for bath..

After the bath, do not rub or dry vigorously, just pat dry and when the body is still moist with water (tadi-podigaa), just patting away the water droplets, apply a dab of moisturizer liberally over the skin.

Kids suffering from allergies/skin conditions like eczema have skin which cannot retain moisture for long in spite of supplementing, so clean up with wet (nonfragrant tissues) or warm water and apply the cream evenly over the skin multiple times and ensure that the skin does not get dry.. it can vary from 5 to 6 times or above in case of extreme dry conditions.

Take the advise of a physician before trying or applying topical steroidal creams to the skin..

The types of skin of the kids might vary and some may respond to some and some dont but by and large appropriate and multiple applications at the time of flare of any cream should do good.

This one is for fragrance free and good for dry skin conditions, which I use when there is a flareup of rash on the body.  I also find that cream version of it is a bit more greasier and useful than the lotion when there is an outbreak of rash.

This is the lotion form of the same..

We also get lightweight moisture treatment for regular use, so when there is no flare I go with that for regular use irrespective of the season.

There are cleansers and soap bars also from the same brand which can be used in combination if it works good for the kid's skin.

I did not get this particular item in AP anywhere, since it worked good I get it from US when someone can manage to bring it.

J and J (Indian manufacture)

This maybe good if all is well with the skin but in extreme dry conditions, I found it of little use.

Vaseline Intensive Care

In case we do not have access to Cetaphil such as in AP, India, I found this as an okay alternative than the others available in the market like J and J, Himalaya.  In desperation, when she had flare I even tried applying Nivea cream which did keep the dryness away but then Revathi sent me another pack and back to Cetaphil.

Meera (United States)

Dry skin/flaking in babies is a very common problem. Use Cetaphil lotion right after bath. Bath alternate days or once in 3 days must be enough in this cold climate, nothing much is needed. You can give him sponge bath if u want, in between. You get bodywash also in Aveeno which is moisturizing wash. Try that one. It won't dry his skin. And do not apply Vaseline.. what the doctor says is right if you apply Vaseline at such an early age, the skin pores will get blocked and will produce even more oil.. you keep the kid moist not greasy.

Rashes/eruption in the scalp/head and hair is cradle cap is kind of baby dandruff but does not look like it completely... But it is red bumpy, and flaky.  It will increase if you apply oil to it...

Cetaphil will work good for overall moisturization

1. Finally..apply cetaphil right after bath.
2. Give him bath alternate days.
3. Keep the humidifier running at all times.
4. No sunnipindi at all.
5. Do not apply oil to the hair... take a soft combing brush and comb of the crust very slightly.. if it is too hard, the crusting then better leave it alone...

Majority of it will go away between 3 to 6 months, so do not worry.

Soumya, Kumari, Shruthi, (United States):
Baby Aquaphor.

Pinxav..  for diaper rash.. available over the counter good for diaper rash (Pushpa, US).

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