Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vomiting vs GER -- Dr. Sanjay Replies

Excessive vomiting in spite of burping.

It seems to be a case of gasto-esophageal reflux (GER) to me, which can even be confirmed by a nuclear GER scan. It is not uncommon in small children, esp. Infants.

When to intervene, even if it’s positive ?
If Child is not gaining weight or symptoms are that much, to cause even respiratory symptoms.
At that stage may be some medication (antireflux/antacids) may help in decreasing that.
Even if you don’t give any medicine, it’s going to improve with time, may be by one year.

Do not worry much. Just follow simple instructions, which you are already doing, like
- Burping longer for 30 mintues after each feed.
- Use a pillow (to elevate his head), whenever he is lying on bed.
But if symptoms persists, and worsening, may be its time to go for GER scan and medication.

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