Sunday, December 19, 2010

Febrile Seizures/Convulsions

Febrile seizure is associated with fever in children. A myth about FS is it usually occurs when the temperature spike from normal to really abnormal range like 103 or 104. Even though it is true in some case, not necessarily for all children, it can occur anytime a child is under infection.
The research shows that there is nothing we can do to prevent a FS, but that doesn’t mean you as a parent have to sit there and wait for it to happen.
Try to avoid exposure to infections.
If you child has fever:
Dress him in light cloths; don’t use heavy blankets and other stuff.
Give him paracetamol and ibuprofen every three hours alternating between the two
Make him sleep, don’t deprive him of sleep. Sleep slows down the brain activity.
don't do anything else please.

Most children outgrow the FS by age 5 so don’t worry too much.

There are different types of FS.

Here is a link to the different types of FS.


Need to see a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy.
You also have to do an EEG test on the kid's brain in sleep deprived, sleeping, photo sensitivity, normal conditions.
With the EEG you can make sure there is no underlying abnormal wave pattern in the brain that may lead to epilepsy or other conditions in the future.

When a FS occurs

You need to stay calm
Remove dress
Put the kid in side position
Don’t put anything in the mouth, because the mucous or saliva should flow freely out of the mouth. Other wise the baby will choke in his own saliva.

Notice the FS pattern and you need to inform this correctly to you neurologist.

If it doesn’t stop in 5 mins.. Take the kid to Emergency..

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