Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scalp boils/blisters

Scalp boils are mainly boils type furuncles that occur due the occurrence of infection in the hair follicles. Boils on scalp are exceptionally painful when you comb your hair. Sometimes the furuncles form pus which further worsen the condition of the infection. Due to exposure to dirt and dust often the hair follicles get jammed or clogged with foreign particles. In the presence of moisture and incidence of germs the bacteria causing boils attack the hair follicle and cause the development of boils on scalp.

A furuncle on scalp at first develops as a reddened surface across a single hair follicle. With time as the infection spreads the redness spreads to the neighboring hair follicles. The furuncle then gradually grows in size and develops a substance called pus at its center. Sometimes with maturity of the boil the pus flows out as it comes in contact with the other hair follicles and causes formation of more number of boils.

Causes of Scalp Boils
You may take a note of the following causes behind the development of follicles on the hair scalp.
• Due to excessive perspiration. If you sweat and perspire to a great degree, the hair follicles get packed with the residue (salt and other minerals) that is left after the drying up of the sweat ultimately causing boils.
• Sometimes the damage of the skin texture may also be the cause behind the development of boils. The skin gets prone to the occurrence of boils if it is repeatedly attacked by acne and other skin diseases.
• Intense and vigorous combing of hair can often develop minute creases on the scalp which acts as a passage for the bacteria responsible for causing boils.

In most cases boils heal in a natural way. You are advised to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.
Simple advise i would like to give is probably its collection of sweat there, which leads to such infections.
So try to wash hairs more often.
If there is dandruff, treat that first, use shampoo more frequently then soap.

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  1. Don’t squeeze the boil or try to burst it with a needle. Let it burst or subside by itself.

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