Sunday, March 14, 2010

Usage of Walkers -- Myths and Facts

Baby Walkers for babies, in one form or another, have been around for over 2 centuries. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are very convenient for the parent as they allow the child to be mobile without the parent having to carry them around. Parents have also viewed these devices as an excellent way to keep their kids occupied, busy, and out of their hair.

But the question is whether they are good or bad for our kids?

Whether to use them or not? Are they safe?

You must be aware that these baby walkers were banned in Canada in 2004, later also by US, though rules were relaxed later. Reason being risk of accidents due to fall esp. from stairs.
Later the baby walker industry has come up with more safe walkers with those having broad base, to decrease risk of fall.

Still most pediatricians feel, they are actually not helpful in child development as such. Although; using walker cannot cause bowing or any developmental delay. But when used carelessly, they can cause serious injuries, so why to use them?

Nowadays, parents are continuing their transition from baby walkers to more stationary activities that allows child to practice and improve their motor skills without the hazards inherent in baby walkers.

So, choice is yours, if you can watch him all the time, so that he doesn’t fall, then you use the one with broad base, use it carefully, otherwise forget.

Dr. Sanjay -- Indian Parenting.

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